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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1865 Report

Troops in the Field

The SEVENTH REGIMENT has served in the department of the Gulf during the year. After returning from veteran furlough, in October, 1864, the regiment remained at New Orleans until Feb. 19, 1865 when they embarked for Mobile Point, Alabama, at which place they arrived on the twenty-first of February. On the seventeenth of March they left Mobile POint, and arrived before Spanish Fort, one of the defences of Mobile, on the twenty-seventh. The division to which the regiment was attached (Third Division, Thirteenth Army Corps,) was massed and moved forward to within about five hundred yards of the rebel works, driving back the enemy's skirmishers as it advanced. The regiment remained in this position during the day, subjected to a heavy fire of artillery and musketry. At night a line of works was commenced,and during the night the regiment moved into the trenches. One or two companies were furnished by the regiment each day for the skirmish line. The advance rifle pits were within a few yards of the rebel works, and those held by the regimen were exposed to an incessant flank fire from the enemy's artillery.

On the evening of March 30th, Capt. Riley B. Stearns, of Co. K, was stationed in the rifle pits, with twenty one men. The next day he was subjected to a severe artillery fire, which compelled his supports to fall back, and the enemy, having set on fire the grass and fallen timber, charged upon him about sunset, completely covered from observation by the dense smoke, and captured him and twenty-one of his men. During the last days of the seige, the regiment assisted in putting the siege-guns in position, and making approaches. The officers and men in every instance behaved with great gallantry. The casualties in the regiment, from March 19th to April 11th, were as follows:--Wounded, 18; captured, 25; total, 43.

The report of Col. William Holbrook, under date of April 17, 1865, the letter of Col. Holbrook transmitting the report of Capt.. Stearns, and the report of Capt. Stearns, are published in Appendix C.

Immediately after the capture of Spanish Fort the regiment proceeded to Blakely and remained two days, and, on the evening of April 11th, left, with the division, encamping the next night about one mile from Mobile. The next day they marched through Mobile and proceeded to Whistler, a station on the Mobile and Ohio Rail Road, about six miles from Mobile, where they found a party of rebel cavalry, who retreated after a brisk skirmish. The report of Col. Holbrook is published in Appendix C.

The fall of Mobile substantially closed the active campaign in the South. From Whistler the regiment proceeded to Mobile and thence to Clarksville, Texas, and from thence were moved to Brownsville, Texas, where they were stationed at the date of the last report. No information has been received, whether they are to be mustered out before the expiration of their time of service. The recruits, whose terms of service were to expire previous to October 1, 1865, were mustered out of service on the 14th day of July, 1865.

The following statement shows the condition of the regiment at the several dates specified, and the stations at which they were:--

(see Legend, below)


Oct. 31,New Orleans, La.7156384232111-
Nov. 30,do6255009321416-
Dec. 31,do63148710531818-
Jan. 31,do6204819822118-
Feb. 28,Mobile Point, Ala.693555992295-
Mar. 31,Before Spanish Fort, Ala.680539118221--
Apr. 17,Near Whistler, Ala.67649013928-37
May 31,Mobile, Ala.77555615611475-
June 30,Clarksville, Texas73049718525221-
July 31,do60039916510224-
Aug. 15, Brownsville, Texas58236017492514-

The casualties in the regiment, during the year, have been as follows:--Mustered out of service, 251; transferred to Veteran Reserve Corps, 1; discharged, 37; deserted, 67; died, 66; total, 422.


A - Date
B - Station.
C - Aggregate
D - On Duty
E - Sick
F - Absent with Leave
G - Absent without Leave
H - In arrest or confinement
I - Prisons
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