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11th Vermont Infantry (aka First Heavy Artillery, Vermont Volunteers)

Charles Watts

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Fort Slocum Wash DC Feb 1/63

Friend Raelzo,

I thought that I would ans your letter today as I came of guard this morning you wanted to know what our Regt are doing now I will tell you we are doing picket duty once in three days it is [putting] us there rather [hard] we should think if we are at home but this is nothing for a soldier we have had a hard storm it is as cold here as it was when you wer here. I have been sick since you wer here with a bad cold but am well & feeling in good spirits I wish that you was here I

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would like to see you and George again. They have got the mumps in the Regt and the measels and the small pox is all round here I was to the hospital and a nigger came there that had the small pox W. & I have been vacconated for it I think it will get into the Regt before long. Last night one of the Boys in Henry's Co died with the measels his name is Saplant I think the other night one of the boys in our Regt was out on picket and he fell down and his gun went off and the ball went through his left arm our regt is growing small all of the time three of our boys wer sent home this week I hope that I shall be at home some time I would like to

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see the folks in Stowe once more but dont know as it will be my lot it I dont it cant be helped I suppose that you are having good times going to School at least I hope you do now is the time for you to if you don't now I dont know when you can. But I like it better and better every day Jane told me that you was to see her I am glad of that for she is rather lonesome or was when she was at home I guess what is the war news at home we dont hear much for we are off on picket most all of the time. What do you think of what George is doing please write and tell me in your next. Have you seen my likeness

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and Williams that we sent to Jane do you think that there will be a draft in the spring I hope there wont be I saw Orlo Perkins from the 13th he said that the Stowe Boys are in good health but are rather homesick I can't see what we are a coming to when their times are out and I dont care much I like it better and better every day this AM I had my breckfast about 7:10 it was a cup of tea with a little sugar in this I used for milk I broke in some sour bread and it went good I dont know what you would say to it but you have seen how we live so I will not say anything about it can you read this if you can you will do well

Yours Sc

Chandler Watts