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11th Vermont Infantry (aka First Heavy Artillery, Vermont Volunteers)

Old Boy



MR. EDITOR:----Things have changed some since last you heard from me. Instead of being in front of Petersburg, we are now away at Burksville. After some struggling we went into Petersburg, then following the rail road to this place.

We are now doing guard duty. The rest of our brigade is some one and a half miles from us. Our duty is to guard the store and ordinances that were taken from old Bob Lee. Some of them we found buried in the form of a person, with head boards and the name of some person, and the time of his death and age. Quite a number of cannon and many small arms.

Our camp is very pleasantly situated, the Col. has his office in a house, and some of the other officers. There are two houses, very good ones, in our camp. There is not many buildings here, and what there is are made use of by some soldier. The hospital is near to us, just on a rise of ground. There are not many sick ones in it.

What a sad affair the assassination of our President was! Oh, would that the soldiers could have their way for a time, there would not be many johnny prisoners to exchange.. It's a sorry thing for rebellion, the death of our President, for it's generally the belief that it was caused by some treacherous scamp. And now to think that they are trying to make out that the man was insane.

The Vice President, I reckon, will stretch some of their infernal necks, or learn them how to pull hemp.

The boys are feeling fine, and are in good health, most of the.


Lamoille Newsdealer, May 3, 1865

Submitted by Deanna French