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13th Vermont Infantry

Extracts from the 13th Regiment history

The senior officers of the regiment in a portrait pose, including Colonel Randall, Lieut. Col. Andrew C. Brown, Major Lawrence D. Clark, Surgeon George Nichols, Adjutant James S. Peck, and Quartermaster Nelson A. Taylor. The photo has been added to each of their records.

There are 740 photographs in the regimental history; photographs 490 soldiers, the brigade commander, three wartime governors and a Virginia woman, a few group photos, 20+ scenic shots of areas where the regiment lived and fought, a few post-war monuments in Gettysburg and Vermont, not to mention several hundred biographical and autobiographic sketches. Many of the pictures have both war-time and turn-of-the-century versions. There are 414 persons whose photographs are not otherwise on the stie. Heidi McColgan has scanned all the photographs in the book, and we are in the early stages of posting them online.

Soldiers with Biographical Sketches



Scenic photos (one file, for now).

Group photos (reunions, etc.) - pending.

POW Carmi L. Marsh explains One Virginia Woman That Was Not An Enemy.