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12th-16th Infantry Regiments - AG62
13th Infantry - AG62
13th Regiment in Camp, Brattleboro
13th Vermont Infantry Regiment National Flag
13th Vermont Infantry Regimental Flag
13th Vermont Infantry, List of Reunions, 1888-1906
13th Vermont Letterhead
13th Vermont Reunion, 1906
13th Vermont, Company A
18th Reunion
2nd Brigade (12th-16th Regiments) - AG63
Allen, Heman Woods, memorial
Benedict, Chapter 26
Brown, Andrew C., biography
Cambridge Casualties (1877 list)
Charles Collection
Church, William, biography/correspondence
Company A history (Sturtevant)
Company B history
Company C history
Company D history
Company E history
Company F history
Company G history
Company H history
Company I history
Company K history
Defenses of Washington
Doubleday, Abner, Report of Gettysburg Campaign - AG64
Dwyer, William B., biography/correspondence
Flag Collection
Foster, Gilman G., biography
Francis Guber Collection
Gibson Collection
Haskins, Royal, biography
Holden, William W., biography
How A Man Feels in Battle
Humphrey, Charles, gravesite
Identification Disks
Jones Collection
Ladder Badges
Lamb, Nicholas, pension papers
Letter to a sick soldier's father
Lonergan, John, biography (Wikipedia)
National Soldiers Homes
Nichols, George, biography
Palmer, Cornelius S., biography
Palmer, Cornelius S., memoir
Palmer, E. F., 'Camp Life'
Photographs in the Regimental History
Powell, Erastus, biography
Premuster Roster, Company E
Put The Vermonters Ahead!
Research Aids
Reunions and other post-war events, 13th VT
Scully, James B., tribute
Smith, Levi, correspondence
Stephen F. Brown, biography (Wikipedia)
Sturtevant, Ralph, tombstone
Vermont Infantry Images from Google
Vermont Veterans Militia Museum and Library
Veterans Living in Massachusetts in 1915
White, Marvin, biography
Wilder, Orcas C., biography