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15th Vermont Infantry

Diary of Oliver A. Browne
Co. K, 15th Regiment, Vermont Volunteer Militia

Contributed By Frank Brown
great-grandson of Oliver A. Browne

This Diary of Abraham Olive Brown (1842-1896) would most likely not be available to us if not for the work of my Great Uncle George Oliver Brown (1869-1950) (Abraham's first born) and my Uncle Oliver Warren Brown (1899-1986)

All spellings and grammar have been retained except for Proper names; these have been corrected to match the spellings found on unit rosters.

My Great Grandfather enlisted as Oliver Abraham Browne but in fact he was christened and lived his entire life as Abraham Oliver Brown. No records other than Abraham's enlistment and discharge papers show his name spelled or arranged this way. No Browns for three generations before or after spell Browne with an "E".

Abraham's brother Richard Baxter Brown (1834-1894) was receiving his medical training at the Insane Retreat, Hartford, Connecticut. Hence the "preface" to the Diary.

My Uncle Oliver Warren Brown told me that some time after the war Richard and Oliver discovered that they had been but a few hundred yards from each other on the third day of battle at Gettysburg. Richard was a Medical Officer and Abraham was a mounted orderly for General Stannard's staff. I have a copy of Abraham Oliver's obituary that states that he "bound the wounds" of both Generals Stannard and Hancock during that third day at Gettysburg. Other than the obituary, I have no documentation to support this claim.

Shortly after the war ended Abraham married (1868), settled and lived out the remainder of his life in Plymouth, Massachusetts. He was a Commander of a GAR Camp in Plymouth. Research in that area continues.

Frank Brown

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