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16th Vermont Infantry


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Company E

Allen, James H.
Archer, Albertus I.
Ayers, Albert R.
Baldwin, Irving Benjamin
Bennett, George Parker
Benson, Henry Ellis
Blanchard, William B.
Blood, Artemas A.
Bronson, Austin S.
Bronson, Simon N.
Burbank, Horace Hall
Carmody, Thomas
Chandler, Harlan Willard
Clark, George Merrill
Clarke, Joel B.
Conner, Servetus E.
Cook, George Seldon
Cook, Palmedus F.
Cook, Walter
Cram, William H. H.
Cutler, John D.
Davis, Henry C.
Decamp, Henry E.
Ellis, Oliver
Fassett, Francis G.
Gould, James Andrews
Gould, William Orlando
Gregg, George Granville
Hall, Hiram F.
Hammond, Edward H.
Harris, Piam O.
Haskell, Eben Shedd
Heald, Thomas Warren
Hemenway, Walter S.
Hewey, Elbridge W.
Hill, Clark
Johnson, Benjamin F.
Jones, Hilliard P.
Kenney, Francis F.
Kingsbury, George Solomon
Knight, Henry W.
Knights, John P.
Long, Francis
Martin, George J.
Mason, Alvin C.
Messer, Rossendel J.
Messinger, Horace
Messinger, John W.
Messinger, Zimri
Olney, Joseph S.
Parker, Barney W.
Parker, Myron E.
Perry, Nathan
Putnam, Orrin
Putnam, Sylvester
Randall, Luther W.
Reed, Edwin S.
Rice, Frank F.
Rice, Orrin
Rogers, William Henry
Rumrill, Levi
Russell, Charles Hartwell
Sexton, Thomas
Slack, William H. H.
Smith, James O.
Spafford, Hiram D.
Spafford, Joseph
Spaulding, Almon J.
Stone, Norman B.
Strong, Harland R.
Strong, Luzern R.
Swift, William S.
Tarbell, Charles J.
Tarbell, Rensselaer H.
Taylor, Arthur Carthon
Taylor, Foster E.
Taylor, James B.
Thompson, Albin Laroy
Thompson, Putnam Jefferson
Thompson, William Emery
Tyrell, William M.
Walker, Barton A.
Walker, Wesley W.
Ware, Wesley Leroy
Washburn, Pliny E.
Way, James P.
White, Azro
White, Bartlett E.
White, Henry C.
White, Marshall B.
Whitsitt, Robert
Williams, Warren C.
Williams, William
Wilson, Henry P.
Wood, Henry Arnold
Woodis, John P.

See the actual listing for this unit from the 1892 Revised Roster.