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2nd Vermont Infantry

As Reported in the Vermont Tribune newspaper

4 July, 1918: The 35th annual reunion of this noted company of the Civil War was held in the Grange Hall on Friday, June 28, 1918. It was certainly a pleasure to see those old men greet each other with a hearty handshake and warm enthusiasm as marked their meeting when they were young and much more active, say fifty years ago. Yes, it was indeed a pleasure to see them and also to hear them recount some of their experiences; but with the pleasure came a tinge of sadness and almost pity. When we think of what they have done, the influence for patriotism they have created upon the rising generation, it is sad now to realize that their work is so nearly done, their race's almost run, and they will all too soon receive the final call of the Master who will say, "Well done, good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joys of heaven." So far as known there are by 22 of the former members of this company now living ,and just eleven, or one-half of them were present, and five responded by letter, sending their regrets, thus making sixteen present or accounted for. Those present were Albert D. Beckwith, John Barrett, Charles H. Ray, and Elwin Headle of Ludlow; Webster D. Derby, Peterboro, NH; Peter S. Chase of Brattleboro, Amos E. Nichols and Abel Ray of Reading; Stephen Houghton of South Londonderry, C. Wesley Priest of Belmont and Alfred A. May of Meriden, Conn. Those who responded by letter were Henry W. Cilley of Claremont, NH; Perry G. Wells of Rutland. W. D. Buxton of Simonsville; George B. Burbank of White Plains, NY, and John E. Pollard of Ferguson, Mo. Four of their number were removed by death during the year, namely; Volney S. Fullam the first captain of the company, Daniel D. Hemenway, John Crosby, and Sullivan E. Reed. The ladies of the company furnished an excellent dinner, and while it did fully comply with war conditions, it still was one fine dinner and was greatly appreciated and enjoyed by all. The ladies who had charge and arranged the dinner were Mrs. Mary W. Beckwith, Mrs. May E. Ray, and Miss Edna J. Barrett. At the business meeting held after dinner the following officers were elected: President, re-elected Albert A. May of Meriden, Conn.; vice-president, Stephen Houghton of South Londonderry; secretary, Albert D. Beckwith; treasurer, Charles H. Ray, executive committee, all comrades living in Ludlow. President May made a stirring address dwelling almost wholly upon the current war and the conditions now surrounding us and emphasized the importance of ever veteran of the civil war doing all he possibly can to aid our government and our boys win the war for liberty and freedom. Short, spicy remarks wee made by Peters S. Chase, Stephen Houghton, W. D. Derby and others. At four o'clock the meeting was closed to assemble again one year hence, in the same place, the president reverently asking God to be with them until they meet again."

3 July, 1919: "Company "I"" Reunion -- Eleven Present of the 36th Annual Event

-- Last Friday, Co. "I" 2d Vt. Regiment held its 36th reunion in Grange Hall. In speaking of Co. "I", we mean a remnant of that company of noble heroes who fought through the entire four years of the Civil War. The company had during the war, 183 men and today we know of 21 still living. Eleven of those number were represented at the reunion. Those present were: Steven Houghton, David Bolster, Peter Chase, P. G. Wells, W. Derby, E. Hall, E. R. Hardie, John Barrett, Abel Ray, Charles Ray, A. D. Beckwith. Letters were received from George Burbank of New York city, J. B. Pollard of Ferguson, Mo., and Jasper W. Clark of Lansing, Mich., all expressing regrets at not being able to meet with the old boys of '61. Two of the company have answered to the last roll call since the last reunion -- Sullivan Reed and Albert A. May. The morning was spent in visiting, with many a hearty hand-shake, and "God bless you, dear old comrade." A bountiful dinner was served at 12:30 which was greatly enjoyed by all. At two o'clock a business meeting was called and the following officers were elected; Peter Chase, President, W. Derby, Vice President; A. D. Beckwith, secretary; Charles Ray, treasurer, Executive committee - Co. "I" men of Ludlow. It was voted to hold the next reunion in June, 1920. Mrs. May was present and a vote of sympathy was extended to her in her sad hour of bereavement. Comrade May will be greatly missed as he was the youngest of the boys and took a great interest in the reunions to make them a success. He was an interesting speaker and always spoke on topics of interest to the boys. It is indeed sad to see these old veterans clasp hands and call each other boys as they did over fifty years ago. May God's blessing rest on each and every one and guide their now tottering steps to that Grand Army above when the last bugle call sounds."

12 Aug., 1920: "Survivors of '61 Meet" -- Ludlow furnished two of the eight veterans of Co. "G", 11th Vt. Infantry, who met in their 58th Reunion at Bellows Falls Wednesday. Capt. E. A. Howe and Col. E. E. Hathorn; and another member; and another member present was Major Edward H. Campbell of Clermont, Fla. a guest of Colonel Hathorn, all aged 76 years. Seven of those present were original members of the company and one was a recruit. They had dinner at Hotel Windham and after reminiscing for a time they visited the grave of their comrade, Charles Buxton and the first captain of the company, and placed a wreath upon it. Other members of the Company present were Lieut. Samuel Daggett, '82, Bellows Falls; George W. Johnson, '84, West Brattleboro; Henry J. Allen, '79, Brattleboro; Thomas Ashwall, '78, Westminster; Zane D. Howe, '73, Claremont, NH. Colonel Hathron's friend and war comrade, Major Campbell will be pleasantly remembered from his former visits to Ludlow. Not only the Major himself, but also his father, a brother, and an Uncle having been killed in the Battle of Cedar Creek. Thus Major Campbell is not only a veteran, but the son of a veteran, and he held the position of commander-in-chief of the S. O. V. national organization in 1901. He was for 35 years connected with the pension office in Washington, serving as confidential clerk, and for a large part of the time as principal examiner. He and the Colonel have been life-long friends and Major Campbell claims that he owes his life to the Colonel, who faithfully faithfully nursed him through a serious attack of pneumonia during the war." -- -- (more in the 19 Aug., 1920 issue of the paper on this Company).. "A little history in connection with Co. "G", 11th Vt. Infantry, whose 58th anniversary was observed at Bellows Falls last week, will be of interest to all friends of veterans: The Company roster contains the names of 197 men who served with the unit during the war, and besides the eight members who were present, the whereabouts of only a few others is know. The members of the company were organized in Bellows Falls Aug. 11, 1862 under the captaincy of Charles Buxton of that place. First Lieut.: Charles E. Fleming, also of Bellows Falls; and Second Lieut. Silas Albee of Londonderry. The Regiment was mustered in at Brattleboro, 1 Sept., 1852, and went to Washington on defenses where they remained until May 12, 1864. In the winter of '62 and '63 this regiment was made into an artillery regiment -- the ten companies of infantry of 100 men each were made into companies of 150 men and two companies added. This was known as the 11th Vt, or 1st Vermont Artillery. The company was discharged June 24, 1865. Of the Ludlow members of this company, Col. Hathorn was a charter member and served as department commander of the GAR in 1902; Capt. Howe has been commander of O. O. Howard Post consecutively for the past 21 years, and previous to that time held this office for short periods. He served the town as postmaster nearly 21 years closing his services is that capacity, July 11, 1914.

Ludlow, 9 June, 1922: "Henry W. Colby of Claremont, NH, who spent Memorial Day at the home of John Sawyer, later spent a few days with Joseph Harris. Mr. Colby was at one time a resident of Ludlow, and enlisted in Co. "I" 2nd Vt. Regiment from here. Falling health will probably prevent him from attending another Decoration Day here with his comrades.

Ludlow, 22 Sept., 1922: "Peter S. Chase of Brattleboro, C. W. Priest of Belmont, John Barrett, E. R. Headle, and Charles H. Ray of this place, members of Co. "I", 2d Reg't Vermont Volunteers, held an informal meeting Friday afternoon at the home of Comrade Ray. A meeting of this company has been held in Ludlow for 36 consecutive years and the late Lieut. A. D. Beckwith was its secretary for that period. The secretary's records are in the possession of his widow, Mrs. Mary W. Beckwith, and these comrades have requested her to deposit said records in the Fletcher Memorial library for reference. Company "I" was organized in Ludlow May, 1861, with Volney S. Fullam as the first captain. Other members of the company in this vicinity are Abel Ray of Reading, E. A. Hall of Plymouth Union, E. A. Hall of Plymouth Union, Perry Wells of Wallingford, and David Bolster of Guilford."

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