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3rd Vermont Infantry


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Company G

Adams, William Henry
Allen, Charles W.
Allen, Lorenzo D.
Arnold, Lyndon Claude
Atherton, Frederick F.
Badger, Levi Franklin
Bagley, Richard Downing
Baker, Albert N.
Barnes, Robert C.
Bixby, Dudley C.
Blake, John Libby
Bradley, Warren
Brown, Charles S.
Brown, George Francis
Bruce, Henry C.
Carpenter, Benaiah S.
Carpenter, Haynes
Carr, Enoch K.
Chamberlain, Edson A.
Chapman, Jacob
Clough, George E.
Collins, Hartwell L.
Connell, David
Connell, James
Costello, Edward
Crow, Hugh
Currier, William M.
Danforth, Charles H.
Davenport, Nathan S.
Dean, Perry C.
DeCamp, George
Deos, Henry
Dereen, John
Dickerman, James M.
Dickey, James A.
Drown, Frederick L.
Dubois, Charles B.
Eastman, Horace D.
Eastman, Merrill J.
Evered, Walsingham
Farnsworth, Orrin
Farnsworth, Russell U.
Farnsworth, Silas Q.
Farr, William H.
Farwell, Benjamin
Farwell, Henry
Foley, Michael
Folger, Richard M.
Garfield, Joseph
Glass, John
Goodall, Richard P.
Gorman, John
Gray, James F.
Gray, Mark W.
Greeley, William W.
Harriman, George M.
Harty, Cornelius
Harvey, Milo M.
Hatch, Gonsalvo Cordova
Hill, Charles W.
Hooker, Hazen Blanchard
Hoyt, Enoch S.
Hubbard, William H.
Hutchinson, John H.
Inman, Charles J.
Jenkins, Albert H.
Johnson, William
Jones, Abial H.
Jones, Alvin
Judkins, Harvey D.
Keene, William Henry
Ladd, Aaron Quimby
Latham, George C.
Lathrop, Alson W.
Mattocks, Edward
McCarthy, Charles
McDonald, John
McGhirr, Edward
Meolay, Michael
Merrill, Benjamin Van Cleve
Meucci, Joseph
Miles, Leonard B.
Miller, Silas
Montgomery, Marshall
Moore, Isaac Scarrett
Morris, Walter H.
Morse, Lucius O.
Morse, Porter
Nelson, Albert
Newton, George
Noe, Joseph
Northrop, Charles H.
Norton, Joseph
Nugent, John
O'Brien, John
O'Brien, William
O'Connor, John
O'Donnell, James
Olena, Raphael
Oliver, Clark
Packard, Alonzo
Paige, Merrick G.
Paige, Wallace W.
Parker, Carlos A.
Parks, Charles Willard
Peabody, Charles E.
Petrini, Francis
Pierce, William A.
Pollard, Lucius L.
Porter, Rufus W.
Preston, James Newell
Quimby, Abel B.
Quimby, George J.
Quimby, Romanzo F.
Quinn, Richard
Rattray, David Jr.
Reed, Joseph
Root, Francis B.
Ryan, Lawrence W.
Sargeant, Francis E.
Sargeant, Joseph Neally
Scott, Erastus H.
Scruton, Albert F.
Shedrick, William
Simpson, James T.
Stone, Augustus R.
Sweet, Abijah
Temple, Orvin C.
Thompson, Henry C.
Voodry, Josephus W.
West, Levi
Whalon, Thomas
Whipple, John W.
Wishart, David W.
Wright, George W.
Writer, Anson S.

See the actual listing for this unit from the 1892 Revised Roster.