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3rd Vermont Infantry


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Field and Staff

Bagley, Moses O.
Bagley, Richard Downing
Blunt, Asa Peabody
Bonett, George W.
Bowker, William H.
Brown, George A.
Brown, George Francis
Cochran, Walter Wardrobe
Cook, John F.
Cook, Seymour O.
Corey, Waterman F.
Crain, Frederick
Crossman, Henry N.
Farrington, George Edwin
Floyd, Horace Whitmore
Goodwin, David M.
Hall, Austin H.
Hubbard, William H.
Hyde, Breed Noyes
Hyde, Leo
Jackson, William L.
Janes, Henry
Locke, Abram Joseph
Mack, Daniel A.
Mathews, Henry L.
Mattocks, Edward
Meigs, John J.
Morrill, Abel
Nelson, Thomas
Newell, Henry Clay
Newt, Alonzo H.
Parmalee, Moses Payson
Phillips, Hubbard H.
Pingree, Samuel Everett
Proctor, Redfield
Quimby, George J.
Ramsey, John W.
Rew, Francis Edward
Robinson, Orsamus B.
Seaver, John R.
Seaver, Thomas Orville
Smith, Henry F.
Smith, William Farrar
Start, Romeo Hoyt
Veazey, Wheelock Graves
Wakefield, Arrington C.

See the actual listing for this unit from the 1892 Revised Roster.