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6th Vermont Infantry


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Field and Staff

Bannister, Sylvester
Barney, Elisha L.
Blunt, Asa Peabody
Burleson, George Washington
Butterfield, Franklin George
Cannon, Barney
Carey, William W.
Chandler, Charles Marcellus
Chapin, Cornelius Augustus
Clark, John Wesley
Crandall, John B.
Crandall, Richard Bailey
Curtis, Edward Malcolm
Cushman, Elijah L.
Ditty, Eri L.
Dwinell, Carlos W.
Eagan, Michael P.
English, Hiram Steele
Fullam, Benoni B.
Gilchrist, William H.
Hale, Oscar Adrian
Hatch, George H.
Herrick, Edgar E.
Kinney, Edwin R.
Lincoln, Sumner H.
Lord, Nathan S. Jr.
Martin, Henry
Murphy, Bradford S.
Murphy, Patrick Henry
Phillips, Edwin
Phillips, Ira N.
Pomeroy, Henry C.
Randall, Charles J. S.
Sperry, William Joseph
Stiles, James F.
Stone, Edward Payson
Swift, Frederick
Thompson, Albert L.
Tuttle, Lyman Morver
Tuttle, Oscar Stratton
Webster, Alonzo
Webster, Harvey
Woodward, Rollin Carlos M.

See the actual listing for this unit from the 1892 Revised Roster