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6th Vermont Infantry


Casper Honorus Dean (1841-1936)

Camp Griffin, Va.
March 4th, '62


I received your strange letter the 28 of Feb. which I hardly know how to answer. In the first place you did not answer my inquiries directly. You answered interogatories in such a manner that some things look rather dull to me. Now what made you answer the question. Did I miss it because I did not sign the allotment roll in the manner you did. I told you the reason why I did not. I told you that I thought I could send my money home by letter easier and be less trouble than to have it go to the state treasury first. You said you thought that it would be a damper on my moral character and it shows an ungovernable appetite for the luxuries of life and a disposition to spend as I earn like my uncle Charles and also shows a wants of respect or confidence in you as surity for the money which mortifies you very much. Now the next time again write. I hope you will clear up things and explain all so that I shall understand your meaning. There may be such a thing as you did not understand me. I also wanted to know if my money was worth more to you than to let here at pretty good interest. This you answered as if something was wrong somewhere. I am sorry your pride is so moertified on my acct. As for my character I will leave for this to tell. I will stay with the Monkton boys on mother's account. I am very well contented with them. Think the Vt boys will move before long. Also the whole Grand Army of the Potomac. John Elliot went up to Return to Index

Source: Photographs and letters courtesy of Alden Dean, Casper and Martha's great-grandson.