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6th Vermont Infantry

Kimball Collection

From Frederick Kimball's Scrapbook
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Digital scans of scrapbook pages.

Ethan P. Shores, color-bearer


The Vermont Brigade at Fredericksburg (12-16 Dec 1862)

Col. Stoughton's report on the battle of Fredericksburg, 16 Dec 1862

To Major Hale, a poem

E. P. Walton's article on the Cavalry Disaster at Drainsville (31 Mar - 1 Apr 1863)

The Vermont Brigade at Banks' Ford (4 May 1863)

Casualties from Funkstown, 10 Jul 1863

Postwar Material

Caste in God's "Acre" (1867)

Copperhead Calumnies Exposed (1867)

From the National Freedman (1867)

Affairs in Brunswick County (1869)

24 September 1880 letter to his comrades

6th Infantry, Co. D, 1881 Reunion (part 1)

Co. D, 1881 Reunion (part 2)

Co. D, 1881 Reunion (part 3)

Co. D, 1882 Reunion (part 1)

Co. D, 1882 Reunion (part 2)

Kimball's Gettysburg Address, 1889-1890

29 September 1911 letter to his comrades

G.A.R. Ribbons belonging to Frederick M. Kimball.



Letters to the Editor


Additional Material