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7th Vermont Infantry

1864 Roster

7th Regiment Co. G
Vermont Veteran Volunteers
New Orleans, Nov. 1, 1864
Mustered into Service Feb. 12, 18622 at Rutland, Vt.
Re-Mustered Feb. 25, 1864 at Barrancas, Fla.

Regimental Officers

Col. William C. Holbrook, pro. from Major Aug. 27, 1862
Lieut. Col. David B. Peck, pro. from Capt. Aug. 27, 1862
Major Henry M. Porter, pro. from Capt., Co. C Aug. 28, 1862
Adjutant George W. Sheldon, pro. from 1st Lieut. Co. C Nov. 17, 1862
R.Q.M. J.Q. Dickinson, pro. from 1st Lieut. Co. C Sept. 27, 1864
Surgeon Enoch Blanchard, or. Oct. 1, 1862
Chaplain William C. Hopkins, apptd. Oct. 25, 1862

Company Officers

Capt. Salmon Dutton
1st Lieut. Milton L. Gilbert, pro. 2nd Lieut Mar. 1, 1863, 1st Lieut. Dec. 14, 1863


Edward L. Hazleton, pro. to 1st Sgt. Oct. 26, 1863
Major S. Damon, pr. to Sgt. Jan. 21, 1863
William H. Perkins, reduced to ranks Sept. 11, 1863, re-pro. Sgt. Oct. 13, 1863
William H. Blodgett, pro. to 4th Sgt. Dec. 27, 1863
James W. Larkin, pro. to 5th Sgt. June 24, 1864


Charles H. Larkin
Stephen Miles. pro. to Cpl. Jan. 24, 1864
Adams B. Perkins, pro. to Cpl. Jan. 21, 1863, reduced Jan. 16, 1864, re-pro. June 24, 1864
Neils Hanson, Oct. 7, 1862, pro. June 9, 1863 to Cpl.
Nathaniel O. Abbott, pro. to Cpl. Nov. 2, 1864
Jamin Ballou, pro. to Cpl. Nov. 2, 1864
Chrisopher C. Lee, pro. to Cpl. Nov. 9, 1864


Abner B. Hale, fifer
Charles Patnod, apptd. drummer Mar. 1, 1864

Privates [Remarks and dates of service are not included]

Adams, John S.
Adams, Daniel
Adams, Charles
Brown, William P.
Bingham, Aram
Ballou, Luman
Bemis, Naham
Capron, Nathan B.
Chase, William V.
Caswell, William E.
Church, Warner
Dodge, George O.
Ellis, William H.
Ellis, George W.
Ellis, Newell J.
Fitch, John S.
Fuller, Freeman
Fuller, Ransom
Fuller, Horace J.
Glynn, Horace J.
Holden, Hial W.
Hesselton, Lucius A.
Harrison, Hugh
Noyse, James
Parker, James P.
Paine, Lowell B.
Paige, Chancellor
Pierce, Henry D.
Rogers, Marshall W.
Rumrill, John W.
Rumrill, Charles F.
Rumrill, Henry A.
Rumrill, Charles A.
Richards, Joseph
Rock, Levi
Sherman, Elmer W.
St. Johns, Henry
Tarbell, Joseph
Wallis, George J.
White, Herman J.
Wilber, William O.
Wade, Isaac O.
Walker, Fred F.
Willson, Austin J.
Willson, Ward D.


1st Lieut. G. M. R. Howard
2nd Lieut. L.P. Bingham
Ranson W. Rand, 1st Sgt.
Abner W. Field, Cpl.
Peter O'Connor, [Cpl.?]
Sumner W. Colburn, Cpl.
Roswell Lockwood, drummer
Atwood, Lorenzo
Butterfield, Joseph
Carlton, John H.
Cheney, Lorenzo
Dunton, Frank B.
Dumphy, James
Morse, Charles
Porter, Goodwin H.
Potter, George W.
Pratt, Loren F.
Rumrill, Joseph P.
Rest, Benjamin
Sperry, Charles A.
Spaulding, Charles H.
Tiff, Moses
Upham, Joshua
Waitman, Charles A.

Died [Location and/or cause of death omitted]

Charles A. Marshall, 3 Sgt. Oct. 12, 1862
Sewell Barker, Cpl., Jan. 12, 1862
Thomas F. Burnham, wagoner, July 13, 1862
Adams, Elmer L., May 24, 1862
Allen, David, Aug. 11, 1862
Alger, Seth L., Oct. 29, 1862
Baldwin, George W., Aug. 1, 1862
Cook, Amos G, Nov. 4, 1862
Corser, Henry C., Oct. 10, 1862
Cummings, Thomas R., Sept. 27, 1862
Connell, James, Jan. 26, 1863
Coolbeth, Winthrop D., Jan. 9, 1863
Duncan, Fred E., Jan. 28, 1863
Dodge, Wesley M., Aug. 23, 1864
Earle Alfred, Aug. 2, 1862
Fuller, George, July 30, 1862
Gilson, Henry H., Jan. 12, 1863
Gibson, Albert F., Sept. 11, 1862
Hennisey, Daniel D., Aug. 25, 1862
Hoadley, Henry C., Sept. 28, 1862
Larkin, James H., Oct. 15, 1864
Martin, Horace H., Oct. 4, 1864
Marcy, Oliver H., Nov. 8, 1862
Olney, Moses, Aug. 28, 1862
Pease, William H., Cpl., Sept. 13, 1862
Platt, Mortimer, Oct. 7, 1863
Rimley, Otto, Oct. 21, 1862
Rowe, Robert, Jan. 26, 1863
Randall, Joseph S., July 25, 1862
Rhodes, Ebenezer H., Nov. 10, 1862
Richardson, Ebenezer, Aug. 28, 1862
Stevens, Henry, Sept. 28, 1862
Thornton, Frank W., Oct. 3, 1862
Tarbell, Charles W., Oct. 18, 1862

Contributed by: Walter Fisk Giersbach, Bethel, Connecticut, great-grandson of Private Luman Adolphus Ballou, Co. G.