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7th Vermont Infantry

Luman Ballou's War Journal
The Journals
January-March 1864

Jan. 1 (Fri.) I find my self a soldier at Brattleboro, marking clothing. make acquaintance with Chuck Ballou [No relation to Luman Ballou.] I make 5 dollars and ten cent to day.

Jan. 2 (Sat.) at Brattleboro marking Clothing William Tobin comes to the Barracks. I made two dollars and seventy cent to day.

Jan. 3 (Sun.) I sell my type make up my mind to git a furlough. have a talk with Docter yesterday

Jan. 4 (Mon.) Chuck Ballou and I git our pictures taken and exchange them. we both git a furlough and start from Brattleboro at nine o clock at night. stayed at the Central house.

Jan. 5 (Tues.) take the cars and git carried to west Rutland. foot it back. take the cars far Danby at two o clock. snowing quite fast. get to Alphonso Williards at sun down. and then go home.

Jan. 6 (Wed.) at home. Nelson Randal and his wife and daughter are here. I stay at home all day. play the fiddle at night for the visitors

Jan. 7 (Thurs.) I go to school stay all day. go over to Mrs. Risdons in the evening. go and stay all night with George Vail.

Jan. 6 (Fri.) git home this morning going to help John Scott butcher a hog and a bull for Agarich [Azariah Hilliard] James Bromley comes to the Agarichs. Agarich and James and I go to the Corner git some log cabin

Jan. 9 (Sat.) James and I go to Wesley Parsons, Jesse Comes home we all go home with James. I attend a [indecipherable] to Parsons in the evening

Jan. 10 (Sun.) I am at home Charley Roberts and William Tourm [Tobin?] come and take Breakfast here I go a peace with them. at James columns to day David Colim [and] I go to the dance at night

Jan. 11 (Mon.) to day I start for Brattleboro. Agarich Carries James Bromley, Warren Griffith and I to Danby Barrack. the cars are full of furloughed soldiers git to Rutland find Ed. Potter stay all night at the Franklin

Jan. 12 (Tues.) take the cars at four oclock for Brattleboro. git to Bellows Falls at eleven oclock. go to the tavern take some beer git to Brattleboro at dark news that Chuck Ballou is sick

Jan. 13 (Wed.) at Brattleboro nothing of importance happens

Jan. 14 (Thurs.) at Brattleboro make some Cloths for the boys

Jan. 15 (Fri.) at Brattleboro nothing New has happened

Jan. 16 (Sat.) at Brattleboro. wrote a letter to Danby. hear that Chuck Ballou is dead

Jan. 17 (Sun.) at Brattleboro lonesome time nothing of consequence happens as yet

Jan. 18 (Mon.) Charles Roberts Comes back to Brattleboro. Edward Roberts [his brother?] comes with him

Jan. 19 (Tues.) still at Brattleboro having very good times

Jan. 20 (Wed.) at Brattleboro got my photographs sent me from Rutland Noel Dilingham is here. I Give him one and give Edward Roberts one

Jan. 21 (Thurs.) Edward Roberts and Charles and Silas Reed and I go down town. to the grocery git some oysters and beer. go over the tole bridge. I have the head ake this after noon

Jan. 22 (Fri.) at Brattleboro Edward Roberts starts for home. I write a letter to Danby. still my head akes and I feel quite bad

Jan. 23 (Sat.) at Brattleboro not very well Percy Griffith is sick to we bunk to gether

Jan. 24 (Sun.) at Brattleboro neither of us any better

Jan. 25 (Mon.) at Brattleboro I am better but Percy is not

Jan. 26 (Tues.) still at Brattleboro and giting better

Jan. 27 (Wed.) at Brattleboro Charles a little wood [worse?] Percy is a little better we all sign the pay Rolls

Jan. 28 (Thurs.) at Brattleboro. all called out and our names called and we git our pay. I send home two hundred dollars by George [?] Tarbell. pack knapsacks and leave Brattleboro. on the cars to new haven all night up long listens [?] some. [The Tarbells of Danby and Mt. Tabor are spelled Tarble in the 1860 Census.]

Jan. 29 (Fri.) this morning me on a small steam boat going to New York. git to new York at twelve oclock in the dock till four in the after noon git on board the steam ship Catauba

Jan. 30 (Sat.) on board the Catauba staying at anchor in new york harbor. start at eleven oclock. stop at two oclock and take on some new york soldiers

Jan. 31 (Sun.) under sail. cold and rainy wind blows. take on some more new york soldiers some of the boys got sea sick. I am a little I wrote a letter home.

Feb. 1 (Mon.) on board the Catauba feeling well. see many Curious things. prosperous in particular one man died

Feb. 2 (Tues.) on the watter nothing new except stealing which the new yorkers are going on with a grate rate

Feb. 3 (Wed.) on the watter. everything goes on as usual

Feb. 4 (Thurs.) this morning finds us at key west one boat starts to take on watter it is awful warm here we leave here at two o clock

Feb. 5 (Fri.) still going on the water

Feb. 6 (Sat.) on the water every thing is lovely at eves. bought a fiddle of Salla Ann a soldier for five dollars

Feb. 7 (Sun.) on the watter. we begin to discover that the boat is inhabited by something else beside soldiers [insects?]

Feb. 8 (Mon.) on the water Charles and I have our hair cut all goes well

Feb. 9 (Tues.) on the watter wrote a letter home rather lonesome. sitting down on the side of the ship talking with Charles. sleet up on deck. see Judge Cook up most all night. restless we lay anchor

Feb. 10 (Wed.) on the water going up the Mississippi. lay at Anchor all night at New orleans.

Feb. 11 (Thurs.) git off the Catauba. on board the belvadier. come down a peace and stop Cast anchor and the boys go in to the city I take supper in new orleans

Feb. 12 (Fri.) leave New Orleans. Come down the Mississippi. Lay at anchor at the mouth of the river all night

Feb. 13 (Sat.) we help the sailors raise anchor and start at four o'clock after noon I am detached at Corporal of guard. so I have a good chance to get some sugar.

Feb. 14 (Sun.) Arrived at last at Camp Roberts Barrancus. Saw Jamin [his brother, Feb. 22, 1842- Sept. 7, 1934] he appeared not to know me at first. I git some breakfirst. Go around some.

Feb. 15 (Mon.) in Camp go around some to see the place. sign for some new clothes. I sell my fiddle to Charles Papnod [Charles Patnod, Rutland, was promoted to drummer Mar. 1, 1864] for eight dollars. take a note against W.E. Caswell [Pvt. William E. Caswell, Shrewsbury] for it.

Feb. 16 (Tues.) began to drill in the facings [?] and marking time under Sargt. L.A. Wilson [4Sgt Lucian A. Wilson, Cavendish]. Cool morning.

Feb. 17 (Wed.) drilling. nothing of importance. we have soft bread and potatoes and meat and coffee.

Feb. 18-19 "Drilling"

Feb. 20 (Sat.) Drilling. Jamin and I git a pass and go downtown as they call it. a small village called Warrington. not much pleased the eye.

Feb. 21 (Sun.) in camp. dress parade in the afternoon but I do not attend for I have no gun nor dress uniform.

Feb. 22 Drilling one hour. I git my new cloths and gun. to work on my gun and equipment today.

Feb. 23 Drilling for one hour. work on my equipment go over to the fort Redoubt see Girffuth [Griffith] and Gilmore and the darky boys.

Feb. 24 Drilling for one hour in fore noon. in after noon go outside the lines quite cool weather.

Feb. 25-26 Drilling "nothing new"

Feb. 27 (Sat.) Drill three hours to day. work down in the yard for Newel splitting wood forenoon and afternoon to.

Feb. 28 (Sun) inspection of quarters and Company. dress parade in the afternoon

Feb. 29 inspection and muster for two months pay. bombarding going on at Mobile we can hear it here.

Mar. 1 (Tues.) Drilling for two hours today. very cold some rain and snowed some.

Mar. 2 (Wed.) Drilling one hour in the fore noon on fatigue in the afternoon diging out stumps up by the Colonels quarter.

Mar. 3 (Thurs.) Drill nothing new

Mar. 4 (Fri.) Drill in the forenoon. on fatigue in afternoon laying brick up to the Colonel's quarters. O.W. Weaver over here. he and Charles gawn to warrington.

Mar. 5 (Sat.) Drill in the forenoon. O.W. Weaver stayed all night. Last night says he sent Dina [prob. Dina A. Risdon of Danby, possibly a cousin on his mother's side, about age 26] a box of shells. very cool morning.

Mar. 6 (Sun) Wrote a letter home. have got no news from home as yet.

Mar. 7 (Mon.) Monday on fatigue splitting wood for bakery steamers came in to day an alarm in the night Lay with our equipment on all night Cool

Mar. 8 (Tues.) Drilling for hours day

Mar. 9 (Wed.) Drill in the forenoon thunder storm this after noon

Mar. 10 (Thurs.) Drilling two hours a day dress parade in the after noon sentence of the prisoner read

Mar. 11 (Fri.) Drill to day nothing more of importance

Mar. 12 (Sat.) Drill in fore noon mail came in to day. Charley got a letter from home I got none

Mar. 13 (Sun.) inspection to day

Mar. 14 (Mon.) Drilling very cold drill with overcoats on

Mar. 15 (Tues.) to day I go on guard for the first time I am on picet [picket] out to the light house a splendid sight to behold from the top of the light house very cold to day

Mar. 16 (Wed.) Come off guard this morning git my breakfast. Drill in the after noon Jamin gits a letter from Azariah

Mar. 17 (Thurs.) Drill wether is warmer

Mar 18 (Fri.) on inspection to day drill in the after noon

Mar. 19 (Sat.) Drilling to day two hours

Mar 20 (Sun.) I am on guard to day quarter guard. there is an inspection by Colonel Holbrook

Mar. 21 (Mon.) Come off guard this morning rains a little Drill in the after noon officers had a horse race Jamin and I down to the hospital guard

Mar. 22 (Tues.) Drill company drill twice a day. very cold have to drill with our over coats on Dress parade in after noon

Mar. 23 (Wed.) Drilling Battalion Drill by Colonel Holbrook [Col. William C. Holbrook] on police to day

Mar. 24 (Thurs.) Drilling to day Charls on guard again to day out to the light house wind blows cold

Mar. 25 (Fri.) I am guard to day out to the light house

Mar. 26 (Sat.) this morning out to light house four rebel deserters Came in I went and escorted them in. nine more came in during the day. they looked bad

Mar. 27 (Sun.) on inspection and police but nothing new

Mar. 28 (Mon.) Drilling three times a day. Company drills twice in fore noon. Battalion drill in after noon

Mar. 29 (Tues.) to day I am on guard to the Generals. no. 2.

Mar. 30 (Wed.) Come of guard this morning very pleasant

Mar. 31 (Thurs.) inspection fore noon Batallion drill in the after noon every thing is getting cold now





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