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7th Vermont Infantry

Luman Ballou's War Journal
The Journals
January-March 1865

Jan. 1, 1865 (Sun.) this morning I come off guard at nine oclock. we got News yesterday that Gen Sherman had Captured Savanah. I scoure my gun to day. there is a dress parade at five oclock. we have Cod Fish for dinner, Jamin is getting better. very Cool day

Jan. 2 (Mon.) on guard again to day No. 26 night post. we dont have to furnish so many guard now. some of our guard were releived yesterday by[indecipherable numbers] Regt. this day is a holy day for our Regt the boys have leave to go out to play ball in the square Cloudy day

Jan. 3 (Tues.) this morning I came off guard at nine oclock I wash four pair of gloves then eat my dinner of bread and fried liver. then lay down and sleep. all the after noon Jamin and I go out by the wood pile and have a talk. Weather warm showery all day

Jan. 4 (Wed.) I am on guard again to day no. 1. inspections of guns mornings has played out the regt have a dress parade and Battalion drill at three oclock. Mobile is reported taken. a rumor that the North American a steam boat is sank. warm fair day [He doesn't mention that Pvt. Hial W. Holden and Pvt. Lowell B. Paine, both of Cavendish, and Jason Ellis of Plymouth, all of Co. G, were reported lost with the steamship North America when it went down Dec. 22, 1864.]

Jan. 5 (Thurs.) Come off guard this morning as usual has to bie [buy] a loaf of bread for Jamin and my breakfirst. a drill but I dont have to. I stay about quarters sue [sew] some buttons on my pants. we have a dress parade and drill at three oclock. Warm with some rain in evening a thunderstorm

Jan. 6 (Fri.) got up to roll call at sun raise we have potatoes soup for breakfirst Jamin bought four loves of bread this morn I go on detail to help unload a load of coal. a drill at ten but dont. I change my clothes and go out to dress parade at three. Sentence of our prisoners read. fair day

Jan. 7 (Sat.) We had baked beanes for our breakfirst. I am on guard No. 1 again at the gate. I got premission to go out in the city a little while. we dont git any to much to eat just now we had a frost last night and the weather is cold now

Jan. 8 (Sun.) this morning we had boiled pork and bread to eat. I come off guard clean my brasses and shave Jamin and Sargent Hazelton. for dinner we had potato and onion soup. for supper the same. we git ready for dress parade at five oclock but it rained so we dont have it

Jan. 9 (Mon.) Very rainy this morning with thunder and lightning I am on guard No. 16 night post we mount guard with our rubber blankets on. I go to quarters and stay most all day. a mail came. Charles got a letter that told Azh had sold his farm rained all day

Jan. 10 (Tues.) I take a meal of Bread and salt junk. Came off guard take my gun to peaces and Clean it and my brasses. Jamin on guard to day. we have fresh beef at noon a dress parade at three oclock no drill Coffee and bread for supper Cold

Jan. 11 (Wed.) Jamin reached a couple of loves of bread this morn for breakfast. Charles Roberts got a box to day from home I got some sugar of him. We at three oclock a dress parade and Battallion drill by Lieut Col Peck one hour Weather quite Cool

Jan. 12 (Thurs.) this morning is very cool. two of our men got stabed last night Joseph Baram and Joseph Benway seriously I am on guard No. 14. we have mackeral for dinner there is a dress parade and Battallion drill same as usual I wrote two letters one to GPV and one to D. Cold

Jan. 13 (Fri.) I took a sleep this morning before coming of guard then came of at nine I got a new gun sling today I clean my gun a little and brasses. git ready and have a Battallion drill and Regimental dance at three. Butiful Clear day

Jan. 14 (Sat.) dark and cloudy morning A general inspection of the regiment in manuel of arms. guard mount at one oclock. I am picked for pay master guard. the Orderly Sargent spoke to me about being fifer Cloudy day

Jan. 15 (Sun.) Come off guard at ten work most all day on my gun. a funeral procession went past here to day. a mail steamer evening star came in last night but no mail Cool Cloudy day

Jan. 16 (Mon.) this morning I work a spell on my Equipments. then am detailed to work help pack and unpack clothing. finish polishing my boxes. a dress parade at three and Company drill one hour fair day

Jan. 17 (Tues.) On guard No. 1. we git a mail at noon Charls got one I got two. the regiment have a battallion drill at the usual hour under Major Porter. Nothing more of consequence Cool cloudy day

Jan. 18 (Wed.) The papers state prospects of peace this morning I clean my things some after coming of guard a battallion drill under Major Porter. then dress parade. Jamin and I git a pass and go out in the city in evening. saw a house burn down. fair day

Jan. 19 (Thurs.) Very rainy this morning I am on guard No. 1. Jamin is on to Corporal of my relief. we mounted guard with fatigue suits and rubber blank [blankets] rain most all the time very mudy and bad walking. it is not Cold

Jan. 20 (Fri.) I come of post at five oclock go in my bunk and sleep dont go back atall I sleep most all the fore noon then git up and fix a stick to my scabard I broke last night. fix my scabard some. it has rained all day long

Jan. 21 (Sat.) Cloudy this morning I am on guard up to the pay masters. I come down to dinner then take a walk through the city..., the clouds burn away and it is very warm this afternoon I felt very well to day or night

Jan. 22 (Sun.) Raining this morning. I come of guard at ten this fore noon still it rains a little. I clean my gun trade bayonet scabards and make me a bayonet scabard stick. we have a dress parade at sun down. Lowery day

Jan. 23 (Mon.) Very cold this morning I work on my gun and equipments most all day. George Stutts [spelling?] of Co. J died this morning in the hospital. no drill today. our first sargent started for Moganzy [Ft. Morgan?] still cold and clear

Jan. 24 (Tues.) News of fort Fisher being taken. I am on guard up to pay masters. after dinner take a walk up around Lafayett square the darkeys are having a selebration today it is a great time with them. a salute has been fired for fort Fisher. very cold

Jan. 25 (Wed.) I was detailed yesterday as carpenter to work making new bunks for a while. I came of guard this morning I lay down and sleep until one oclock then eat my dinner. and go to work till five. Very cold

Jan. 26 (Thurs.) I go to work at half past seven I use the spliting saw in fore noon. we got done with [Company] Ds bunks and work on Ks this after noon. we got a mail I got two letters and wrote one in evening very Cold Clear day I received from home five dollars in one

Jan. 27 (Fri.) I go to work this morning at the usual hour. we work a spell on the barracks then go to making a building for a Commisary store a mail steamer came in but no mail Cold and storm a little

Jan. 28 (Sat.) I bought a loaf of bread then I go to work at the usual hour this morning to work on the quarter masters store quit at twelve commence again at one. leave work at five oclock. nothing new still very cold and cloudy. no roll call for me

Jan. 29 (Sun.) Our first Sargent returned. I git up go out and bye a loaf of bread for my and Jamins breakfirst I wash my towel and some gloves and a pair of socks. we have fresh bief for dinner. I fix my book of last year to send home. very cold and Clear

Jan. 30 (Mon.) I go out and bye a loaf of bread as usual at work today making shelves and windows Bread Mackrill [mackeral] and watter for dinner. go at work at one oclock finish work on quarter masters store. weather is warmer. I feel very well

Jan. 31 (Tues.) We had baked beans for breakfirst. I work putting down a floor this fore noon. Joseph Sauller [sp?] stabed George Barlow to day both of Co. B. they think he will recover every thing goes on as usual fine weather for working

Feb. 1 (Wed.) this is the first of the month I commence it by bying my bread for breakfast. to work as usual putting up officers quarters. rather a dull time. Charles Roberts and I have a talk in the evening. fine weather

Feb. 2 (Thurs.) Ten cents I paid for a loaf of bread this morn I work as usual. I bye some bread pudding of an old woman ten cents for that. work this after noon and bye a custard pie for supper twenty cents for that it has rained and sunshine

Feb. 3 (Fri.) I go and am vaccinated again this morning then go to work. some of the time its rains and then the sun will shine very bright I dont feel very well this after noon all night I feel awfull tiared

Feb. 4 (Sat.) I did not sleep much last night my bones ached so. this morning I dont feel any better I go and tell boss I cant work. then come back and lay down in my bunk all da7y and bought a cup of milk for my supper

Feb. 5 (Sun.) I feel about the same this morning. I bye some butter for my breakfast it has rained most all day I am very Weak I dont sit up any all day I write this sitting in my bunk it is growing Cold

Feb. 6 (Mon.) I am a little better this morning. I have to by a loaf of bread every morning nowadays I go to surgeons call. got pills and powders I lay them away and feel as well for it. I lay in my quarters most all day. the weather is cold and rainy

Feb. 7 (Tues.) I go to surgeons call am excused and take a dram of bitters my stomach feels bad all day. the carpenter came in our quarters to work to day a mail came to day it is cold and clear

Feb. 8 (Wed.) this morning I dont go to surgeon. but at work feeling better Charles and I bunk together. we dont work on them this after noon I fill my tick and get ready for inspection tomorrow. bought some butter. weather warmer

Feb. 9 (Thurs.) We git ready for General inspection our guard are all releived by the 91st Ill Regt. we go out at eleven have an inspection in Anonsiation [Annunciation?] square, then take a march threw the city to show off. Cold and Clear

Feb. 10 (Fri.) To work today on bunks in Companys G and Es we had to furnish a guard for the 77th Regt. some talk that we are going to leave here. I have the head ake and go to bed early we git orders for detail Cold and Clear

Feb. 11 (Sat.) Kyse Potter [Pvt. George W. Potter of Danby?] stayed with me last night. The sargent woke us up early to git our brakefast and go on detail every man to work on rail road up by the Canal. I dont work much go off in the city have very good times. the day is warm and pleasant

Feb. 12 (Sun.) We hear of orders to go from here before we are up this morning began to git ready going away tomorrow. I sell a coat for two loaves of bread. we turn over all our ticks and pack knapsacks. warm day.

Feb. 13 (Mon.) The order was countermanded about going this morning we are to hold ourselves in readiness to go any time. a detail went out to work last night. and our guard was relived by the 6th Minesota this morn. I was just on guard last night nothing more. Cool

Feb. 14 (Tues.) Charles and I and Joe Richards [Pvt. Joseph Richards, Cavendish] run the guard and go out. come back and pack up our things In the evening Charles and I go out to git some oysters and got taken by the petroll [patrol] to Baronic [sp?] Prison for not having a pass pretty rough

Feb. 15 (Wed.) We leave the prison with out having any breakfast go down to Provo Marshel and all court marsheled and taken back to prison to await sentence, about a hundred and fifty in the prison we git nothing to eat and stay all night weather fine

Feb. 16 (Thurs.) this morning we go down to the Provot Marshels again no breakfast. awful warm. our sentence not come. we go back to Provo Marshel waiting. Sargent Larkin [4Cpl. Charles A. Larkin, Andover] come for us to sign the pay rolls and we come to camp with him got paid. our sentence $18 of our pay warm

Feb. 17 (Fri.) on guard today No. 6. I sent to Azariah by express 50.00 dollars and Charles Roberts sent to his father 100.00 dollars by espress. very strict on orders on post Jamin run the guard and got put under arrest and was reduced to the ranks. butiful day

Feb. 18 (Sat.) Come off guard this morn Jamin run the guard again and went off we have orders to pack our knapsack again. I colect what little debts I have. we go out at four oclock this afternoon. we dont go. fair day

Feb. 19 (Sun.) this morning we git up before daylight and going today git ready come back to relief at nine oclock lay around some drink some rye juice work on detail loading stuff on board the Clinton at four oclock. Lowery going down the river

Feb. 20 (Mon.) we anchored at one oclock at the mouth of the river leave at five in the morn the sea is awful rough the boat rocks from side to side. I lay still as possible all day. one man lost over board. we reach mobile point at dark stay in the boat all night clear

Feb. 21 (Tues.) Arrived at Mobile point Alabama we git up this morning sad looking old place sandy old desert. we git off and march down the beach and pitch our tents Sargt Larkin and Corpl Larkin Charles Roberts and I tent to gether. quite comfortable Cloudy

Feb. 22 (Wed.) New arrangements this morn Sargt Larkin goes out of our tent L Rack [sp?] come in his place I am on detail to fix the capt a tent rains and we work a little at a time. git it done at noon then I Clean my gun. rainy day

Feb. 23 (Thurs.) It has rained most all night got up and eat my hard crackers and meat for break fast. we clean our things for dress parade than on orders to turn over our scabs and coats. boats coming in loaded with troops for mobile. we have a dress parade at five in blouses. very rainy

Feb. 24 (Fri.) I got up as usual this morning take my fried pork and hard tack for breakfast a battallion drill from ten to eleven all hands. then I and Charles go down to Fort Morgan. the place looks hard. we got something to eat of the suttler. a dress parade I am reading a story. Very rainy

Feb. 25 (Sat.) A battallion drill at ten the boys are having good times with boxing gloves. two more regts come in today. lots of troops are coming in al the time. I let a darkey have my dress coat for washing a dress parade at four it has rained. but getting fair

Feb. 26 (Sun.) Another squad of recrutes came for our regiment last night two stayed in the tent with me. fourteen came in our Co. I saw Colonel Persons had a talk with him I took a wash in the bay. J S Adams [Chester, Vt.] is apointed Corporal I wrote letters for C. Pelkey it has been a butiful day

Feb. 27 (Mon.) We eat a breakfirst of pork and heard tacks. I mark my Canvas and C Roberts. we have a drill on marching threw the brush. we have the 18th Iowa Regt come here Hyram Harrington came to our Regiment. we drill scurmishing and shoot at target this PM foggy damp day

Feb. 28 (Tues.) We have to furnish a brigade guard this morning. we are mustered again for two months more pay. we drill battallion drill by Col. Hoolbrook one hour the sand is ankle deep every step. we have a dress parade at five orders for four hours drill a day hereafter foggy day

Mar. 1 (Wed.) It is Lowery this morning guard mounting at seven oclock a drill from nine to eleven. we go out but it rains and we come in very soon wipe our guns and hang them up, we have a battallion drill from two till four oclock under Lieut Col Peck. I write some. we had a dress parade. very fogy today

Mar. 2 (Thurs.) This fore noon we drill scurmish by capt Dutton two hours large trains going by every day with pontoon bridges and fixings we have fresh beef for dinner a battallion drill this PM and a dress parade orders read for knapsack drill hear after till further orders. fair day

Mar. 3 (Fri.) Well this morning I change my cloths and git a darkey to wash them. we go out with knapsacks on to drill. we drill two hours came in to quarters. we drill this after noon. we got some honey to eat. a dress parade. thats all fair day

Mar. 4 (Sat.) it rained and blowed last night made our old tent higher. cold this morning. I am detailed to help make a cook shanty cutting poles and bushes I dont drill to day. a rumor that Mobile is Evacuated, the weather has moderated some I eat some oysters this P.M.

Mar. 5 (Sun.) It is quite cold this morning there is a inspection of the Regiment by Co. Holbrook I dont do much to day only lay in my tent. good many gun boat sailors on shore today taking a look of land onse more before going to mobile. the day is fair

Mar. 6 (Mon.) Very cold this morning after we have our breakfast and guard mounting is over then we have a knapsack drill two hours. charles come of guard. I wrote a song for Levi Rack. a boat came in. well then this after noon we have a battallion drill as usual. warm clear day a dress parade and orders rcvd.

Mar. 7 (Tues.) this morning is cold and cloudy we drill from nine till eleven scurmish drill under Sargent Hazelton. we drill again from two till four batallion drill by Co. Holbrook A mail came today I got one letter. the boys are having great times throughing men up in blankets still Cloudy

Mar. 8 (Wed.) This morning we git ready going to have a brigade inspection. we march over on the bluff by the seas side we are inspected by General Osterhaus we got back to camp at two oclock dont have any drill or parade and Charles and Joseph R go and git some oysters fair day

Mar. 9 (Thurs.) I am on guard today No. 1 at the guard house. there is a company dril without knapsacks. Noncommissioned officers drill immediately after dinner scurmish drill. at two oclock the Regiment fall out but it began to rain so they dont. Cloudy wet day

Mar. 10 (Fri.) At four oclock this morning I come to my quarters cold and wet go to sleep dont git up till noon feel very bad. I git a box to send my coat home in this afternoon I feel worse I lay down have a chill. there was a dress parade I dont go out there is orders read to be ready to go cold windy day

Mar. 11 (Sat.) I git up to roll call then go back in my tent and lay down again Corporal of police come after me but I am too sick to work. the gun boat and moneters go up towards mobile about noon I feel better I pack my coats and pants in my box and wrote a letter. nailed up the box. the guns are booming up the bay. fair day

Mar. 12 (Sun.) We have a regimental inspection by Col Wm C Holbrook. I read a story. Charles and I go up the side of the bay. I make the acquaintance of Lauren Barker, a sargent in Co I 28th Wis. Regt. Charles and I git some oysters come back to camp and eat them a dress parade no orders. fine day

Mar. 13 (Mon.) A knapsack drill two hours under Lieutenant Gilbert. I come in and eat my dinner then am detailed to go up the to wharf rolling barrels of pork sugar and whiskey down the red [?] lane. no dress parade and it begins to cloud up though it has been fair day

Mar. 14 (Tues.) Very rainy this morning dont have any roll call our hard tack gitting scarse I go in Sargt Clamans [sp?] tent and sing some songs still it rains. No drill or parade to day it has rained so much I at evening go up to comissary after crackers for Capt Dutton

Mar. 15 (Wed.) We have a battallion drill under Col Holbrook we go down by the bay and drill firing our guns. have a company drill this after noon shooting at a target. poor shots mostly it rained and we double quicked it back to quarters had a dress parade at night

Mar. 16 (Thurs.) This forenoon we have a drill by Capt Dutton. come back to camp have a bit of a row with Chas and Henry Rumrill (both privates, from Springfield) who stabed Jamin with a jack knife. I read some in wenerly [?] Magazine and write a letter for Chas Pelky we have orders to git ready to go tomorrow. fair day

Mar 17 (Fri.) This morning we git up at three oclock git ready with four days rations and forty rounds of catrig. eat our breakfast strike tents and off we march. we join our brigad of four regits with 91st Ill. 29th Iowa 50th Indiana 7th Vermont we halt an hour at noon. stop at three. I shot a pig for supper. fair day

Mar. 18 (Sat.) we take up march again at six this morning. some swamps and mud. a few small dwellings. I stoped at one and got two rebel papers. we continue our march till three. Charles and I pitch our tents together go and git some water. saw an old tirky [turkey] pen. I make up a good fire and lay down. sleep well. warm day

Mar. 19 (Sun.) Up this morning at half past four a large detail go out to fix road which is awful mudy. we dont make very much progress this four [fore] noon. good road. butiful land scape. all fine tree. we halt at four oclock. Charles Rumrill and I go and hunt beif. I shot a too year old heffer go back to camp. all gone. we over take them with half a cow. fine day

Mar. 20 (Mon.) we again resume our march at six pass by log huts. rather soft ground our co are detailed to cut trees to make a codroy [corduroy] road. we have had mostly nothing to eat all day in a dense pine forest we camp by a running stream we have got about forty miles on our way we eat fresh beif roasted for supper. getting Cloudy

Mar. 21 (Tues.) O. how it rained this morning. we got some hard tack and raw pork last night about eleven oclock. very wet day I wrote a long. I cut Charley Larkin and Joseph Richards hair. we can hear boats whistle in rebel and I am on guard for the Col Holbrook go on at sun down. it stoped raining at about noon and is fair now

Mar. 22 (Wed.) the Adjutant relieved the guard at seven oclock. we have nothing to eat. I eat my last hard tack last night. the boys are cross I go and help put out some fire. the Capt sent for me to go foraging. I and four go about five miles to a plantation we kill six sheep and got salt meal bacon. return loaded. warm

Mar. 23 (Thurs.) Up this morning at five. we eat some meal pudding and fresh rosted pork our hard bread came last night and we march a way and our Co. are detailed fixing road on. on. we come and stop at noon. I am now sitting on an old deserted yet fine building. we cross fish river on pontoon bridge. camp at four. warm

Mar. 24 (Fri.) We git up this morning feeling much refreshed by our nights rest. we git some breakfast I fry the meat and we have pudding. Many more regiments come here to day. our Brigade are inspected by Lieut Col Jones. at three this PM I cut John Adams [Pvt. John S. Adams, Chester] hair. the day is warm and pleasant

Mar. 25 (Sat.) Jam, Charles and I go over to the river where the boats are. we saw a currous spring of water I find a fish line and hook Charles and I go fishing dont catch any come back have orders to moove we pack up and march at four make many halts and dont camp for the night till eight oclock and half after. it has been a fair day

Mar. 26 (Sun.) the bugle sounds at five. all up I take a breakfast of hard bread and bacon some I captured we march at eight. no inhabitance all pine woods. the country so more open. we make but slow progress we camp at dark on a hill not far from the rebel battery Signs of coming rain

Mar. 27 (Mon.) we git up early and fall back to line stack arms and march at nine. we march in battallion line very slow at half past ten our battrys begin to fire we move up and lay down. rebel shot and shell passing all around us. our Co. go on the scurmish line. four men wounded it has been very rainy and cold

Mar. 28 (Tues.) At two oclock our regiment was put into the entrenchments. was relieved this morning by 91st Ill scurmishing going on all the line heavy fireing on both sides I saw one man was killed by a ball I am on detail threwing up breastworks the ball pass all around us our monetirs have come. we git mail. warm and cloudy

Mar. 29 (Wed.) Last night we lay behind breast works until four then we relieve 91st Ill from the rifle pits. the bals flying over us. one man wounded of Co G in the mouth on scurmish line Sargent Perkins [3Sgt. William H. Perkins, Springfield] shot through both leg 1 battry man killed close by me. our monetor sunk by torpedoe. we lay in the pit all day. it begins to rain

Mar. 30 (Thurs.) All called up into line fear of an attack at midnight. oh how the muskets rattle we lay on our arms the rest of the night many coming in some wounded. the 91st releived us again and we encamp further off the mortar battry has come. I make a fire and cook some meat and coffee. then lay down and sleep a while. we pitch our tents and leave them go in the pit again I am on detail at nine oclock fair day

Mar. 31 (Fri.) We work till three making breastworks for the 4th mass battry. come back to pit lay down and sleep till day light some of our pickets were drove in I help bring in a wounded man of the 29th Iowa in the after noon a mail came and I got three letters and wrote back. I have got the head ache this afternoon. we have been under rebel fireing for four day heavy scurmishing along our lines. warm





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