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7th Vermont Infantry


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Company I

Bailey, James
Barber, Horace Elijah
Barney, Duane Carroll
Batchelder, John L.
Beebe, Henry William
Bigelow, Amasa P.
Blondin, Joseph Jr.
Blossom, Frederick C.
Bovat, Henry
Bowers, Charles Henry
Broughton, Pharcellus A.
Buffum, Seth
Buffum, William L.
Burns, John
Burns, Sylvester
Butler, Edward
Buxton, Samuel Fitch
Card, Stephen H.
Carter, Peter
Clark, Charles
Collett, Joseph
Cook, Morris H.
Cook, William S.
Crandall, Everard
Crandall, John A.
Davis, Thomas
Dickinson, Charles E.
Draper, Alanson
Draper, David
Dresser, Alanson L.
Durkee, Nelson
Dutton, Carlos B.
Edmunds, William Henry
Firman, Aaron G.
Forkey, David
Forkey, Edward
Forkey, Stubill
Gibbs, Perry G.
Gilligan, Horatio W.
Gilmore, Danforth B.
Goslow, Enos
Gould, Frederick
Griffith, Hiram P.
Guilder, Harvey
Hall, Benjamin P.
Hall, Oscar D.
Hall, William B.
Hanks, George G.
Harrison, John W.
Hayes, Hugh
Hayes, Michael
Hayward, Arial K.
Heap, Andrew
Higgins, David E.
Hinckley, Henry
Holbrook, Dudley Harrison
Holden, Hollis K.
Holley, Nicholas
Howard, Judson P.
Hunter, David B.
Hunter, Robert
Huntoon, Daniel
Hurley, Elisha H.
Johnson, George
Johnson, James M.
Jones, Lewis P.
Jubar, Henry
Kennedy, Edward
Kennison, William D.
Kilburne, Sirenus T.
Kitchell, Alson S.
Knight, Albert
Ladd, Wallace E.
Langley, George J.
Langley, Samuel N.
Langley, Solomon
Larrabee, Charles
Larrabee, Samuel
Lawton, Peter
Leonard, George H.
Lowry, George C.
Mayhew, Frederick
McCarthy, Edward Charles
McDonald, John
McGregor, Henry C.
McGregor, Oscar
McIntyre, Thomas
McKelvey, William
McNeil, James
Mead, George
Mehrling, Charles
Mitchell, Willard H.
Monroe, William H.
Moore, Andrew Jackson
Moore, James K.
Mulhern, Robert
Norton, William
O'Gara, Michael
O'Grady, John
Oakman, James Jr.
Parker, William M.
Parkhurst, Sherman W.
Pelkey, Charles
Pentony, John
Persons, Collamer
Peters, Alfred
Phalon, George Powell
Phillips, George
Plumley, Jesse
Plumley, Levi P.
Plumtree, Frederick
Plumtree, John
Porter, John
Potter, Joshua
Powers, Henry C.
Powers, William D.
Price, Frank
Puffer, George T.
Reed, Alonzo A.
Reed, Thomas C.
Reid, Albert J.
Reyno, Joseph
Richardson, Edwin Carter
Ripley, Robert
Rollinson, Joseph
Rondeau, Lyman A.
Royals, Benjamin B.
Royce, James B.
Ruggles, Charles Carroll
Schryer, George
Schryer, Warren
Shaw, John W.
Sheldon, Charles H.
Sheldon, Chauncey L.
Smith, James H.
Smith, Theodore Robert
Sprague, James
St. Martin, Joseph
Stoddard, James Franklin
Strong, George
Stults, George
Swallow, Proctor
Taylor, Henry Alonzo
Thompson, Samuel
Tobin, John
Tobin, William
Tubbs, LaMarquis
Vaughan, Charles Egbert
Vever, Nelson
Wade, George W.
Wait, Ira S.
Ward, William
Weeks, John Wesley
Weller, Charles H.
Wheeler, Alonzo A.
Wheeler, Moses E.
Wheeler, Seneca E.
Williams, Calvin
Wilson, Lemuel
Woodard, Harvey S.
Woodard, William H.
Woodman, Austin Eugene
Young, Thomas

See the actual listing for this unit from the 1892 Revised Roster.