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7th Vermont Infantry

Adjutant, later Captain, Charles Edmund Parker

[The following segment of a diary kept by then Adjutant Charles Edmund Parker, of Vergennes, provides some detail into the life of the 7th Vermont Infantry Regiment in the weeks before its muster into United States service in Rutland. Parker, born c1839 in Vergennes, was an 1859 graduate of Norwich University. Promoted to Captain of Company E, 1/7/1863, effective 12/9/1862, he resigned his commission 10/22/1863, and returned to Vergennes, where he died 3/31/1924, and is buried in Prospect Cemetery, Vergennes. - tl]

Saturday Jan 18th 1862

Has been snowing most of the day. I have been up to Camp twice, most of the morning however had been occupied in transforming the Comp'y reports, issued in a circular for Col. this afternoon, I got my vest today and paid for it. This afternoon it ceased snowing for a while and we had our 1st dress parade or undress rather this afternoon the Col appointed it ass 3.40 instead of 4 1/2 in order to allow me time after it to reach the car. It went off very well under the circumstances, some few mistakes were made, I got to the depot in time for the 4 1/2 P.M. train and went home. I bought on the train two toy balloons for the children but after I got home the gas leaked out and so spoiled them. On arriving at the Hotel I took my valise and went over to the store and was very happily surprised to see my friend Ed Ingraham who returned the night before. he staid with me the night. I was very glad to see my Father + Mother + Sister, Henry's Father.

Sunday Jan. 19th 1862

Ed and I awoke this morning at about nine had our breakfast when Ed went home to prepare for church stopped for me on his way back. Went to the Congo with him. took lunch with m---y went to the Episcopal Church in P.M. staid to Sabbath School and heard the children sing. Ed took dinner with me. In Eve I went up and visited Uncle George + Ellen and then Ed and I went over the creek called at Fannie Warren's where we found Jennie Smith Cyrus Fisher Chas Ripley Rich'd Tuttle. Had a good visit until 9 o c when we went home + Ed + I went to bed Father gave me 50.00 to night.

Monday (Jan.) 20th 1862

Ret to Rut this a.m. went immediately to Col's quarters made my reports &c. Col went to N.Y. this m. Dress parade at 4 1/2 this P.M. passed off very well news to night of gt victory in Kentucky. &c.

Tuesday Jan 21st 1862

It has not stormed to day, have had a little sunshine did not rise early enough this morning to tend Guard mounting. After consolidating the reports went over to the depot to see if Fannie Warren + Chas Ripley came in on the train, did not see them. Dress parade went off well this afternoon under all the circumstances. After coming from the Col's office this evening I met in Bardwell Assist Surgeon Kelly introduced myself to him and instead of retiring early as I at first intended to, I have set up holding conversation with him till quite late. Received letters from Fannie Stevens with her photograph. it is quite late and I must go to bed if I would get up to attend Guard mounting.

Wednesday Jan'y 22nd '62

Nothing out of the regular course today except I attended a dance as lookers on in Hinmand Hall.

Thursday Jan'y 23d '62

Stormy + cold today. Attended Guard mounting as usual at 8 o'clock, wind is quit high tonight.

Friday Jan'y 24th '62

A very strong wind this morning with snow on going up to camp to mount the Guard I had a very disagreeable time of it the wind blowing the hail with such force against my face as to pain me. Dress parade went off all right.

Saturday Jan'y 25th

The storm continues made arrangements to go home today by getting Lieut Sheldon to take my place. on account of snow did stai till 6 P.M. arriving in Vergennes little past 9 P.M. found Uncle George quite low.

Sunday Jan. 26th

Charlie and I did not go to church this a.m. as we had to shovel snow from the roof. went this P.M. Sang with children. called in eve to Mr. Joslyns to have Fred come to Rutland Tuesday morn. then went to evening meeting, then to Uncle George's found him very low.

Monday Jan'y 27th

Came to Rutland on first train beautiful clear day. Dress parade as usual at 4 1/2 o'clock. Shoulder straps came this eve nice ones 6,00. went with Qrmaster to his house where found Capt. Porter. had few games Euchre.

Tuesday Jan'y 28th 62

Beautiful day but cold. Fred came today took dinner with me at Bardwell. then went up to Camp. I got a detail from Johnson Co. to put up my tent got floor mostly laid this afternoon hope to get tent up all right tomorrow Miss Vail stops here to night on way to Vergennes. Fred stays with me tonight.

Wednesday, Jan'y 29th '62

I went to camp this noon with Fred to tend Guard mounting at 7:40 Warmer than yesterday but stormy was covered with sleet when I arrived at camp have been filling my reports this afternoon. Afternoon went up to camp, ordered a sword through the Qrmaster. This evening went with Mr. Fisher up to Mrs. Ripley's to call returned at about 11 1/4 when I learned by telegram from Jules Hickok to Fisher that Uncle George died this morn. Fisher stays with me tonight.

Thursday Jan'y 30th '62

Another beautiful day have been expecting to hear from home today telegraphed home to find out whether I should start for V___ this afternoon, received answer to come today or to morrow as thought best concluded to wait until tomorrow Milo Fisher came on train at 11 o c staid with me tonight.

Friday Jan'y 31st '62

Another splendid day. this forenoon I made preparations for going home by consolidating my reports and getting Lieut Hitchcock to act as Adjutant during my absence. This m____ I went to Camp and spent what time I had before the 3 o c train in setting the remainder of the pins for my tent. While so engaged I was very happily surprised to see George who had just come on from Washington to attend his Father's funeral. we went on the 3 P.M. train for V__ arriving there Henry + John Edmond + Willis were in waiting for George, went up to Aunt Eliza's in evening with Father.

Saturday Feb 1st '62

Have spent most of my time up town this a.m. this P.M. went with Henry down to Mr. Tappan's to look at a horse Father designed for me did not like him exactly and so did not buy him. Father will look further for a horse. Went up to Aunt Eliza's tonight.

Sunday Feb 2nd 62

This is a very sad day for us all. So many friends gathered from abroad to attend a solemn duty. + Cousin George on from Camp Griffin Va for the same sad duty. today Uncle George was buried it seems so strange to think he had gone. The afternoon was intensely cold. notwithstanding a large number of people assembled. the day has been quite clear of clouds.

Monday Feb 3rd 1862

This is a beautiful day. I came to Rutland to day in company H. V. Edmond + Mr. Learned on their return to Norwich CT I had several reports to consolidate today and did not get them done until about 2 1/2 P.M. I ordered a pair of Boots of Billings + having given him my measure for a pair Cavalry Boots waterproof price 10.00 Cavendish Company came into Camp last Saturday Northfield + Poltney to day. I was measured to day for my over coat price $35.00 having given my measure for Dress coat + pants last Thursday or Friday Capt. Porter staid with me to night goes to N.Y. in morning. have given him my Sash + Should Straps to exchange for better. Got my stove up and ifre in my tent today.

Tuesday Feb 4th 1862

Snowing some today. Gov came this noon. was present at dress parade also Genl Davis(,) Maj Holbrook taking command as he did the night before. I saw the Gov in Col's office this evening he shook hands with me and complimented me in the manner in which I performed my part at dress parade, + said he was very glad I had been appointed Adjt. This Eve I made Chaplain Frost a long visit in his room. Woodstock Co arrived.

Wednesday Feb 5th 1862

I found it bitter cold going up to Camp this morn to mount Guard. it has been a beautiful day. Gov H + Genls Washburn + Davis were present at Dress parade I got a table into my tent this P.M. so by degrees I am preparing to go into camp myself. This evening Col R___ Major H several Captains + myself were sworn by + received our commissions from Genl Washburn.

Charles Edmund Parker's diary is provided courtesy of Linda Libuda.

We also have an envelope addressed to Charles while he was in Pensacola in May 1863 in our virtual museum.

See also his biographical sketch off-site.