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9th Vermont Infantry


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Field and Staff

Andross, Dudley Kimball
Barber, Edward D.
Barney, Valentine Goodrich
Bartlett, Amasa
Belden, Henry D.
Bolton, James F.
Brooks, Joseph C.
Carpenter, Benjamin Walter
Chamberlin, George C.
Church, Andrew J.
Dickinson, Lucius C.
Edgerton, Edward M.
Fairman, Erastus Philo
Flanders, Royal Call
French, Heman Ralph
Gorham, James Tottingham
Goss, Story Norman
Gould, George W.
Hall, Horace P.
Hardie, Robert Gordon
Jarvis, Charles
Jefferds, John Gillespie
Kilbourne, Edwin Arius
Leyden, Thomas
Livingston, Josiah O.
Morse, Richard Henry
Musk, Henry A.
Newell, Oliver W.
Page, William Jr.
Pattee, David J.
Peck, Theodore Safford
Rice, Franklin Eugene
Ripley, Edward Hastings
Ripley, Old John
Sawyer, Francis Oliver
Seligson, Herman A.
Squier, Algernon M.
Stannard, George Jerrison
Stearns, John C.
Stowell, Edwin Sherwood
Thomas, John W.
Vincent, Walter Scott
See the actual listing for this unit from the 1892 Revised Roster.