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Vermont Artillery

Third Battery Light Artillery Vermont Volunteers

Civil War Diaries and Letters of
Eugene William Rolfe, Tunbridge

Camp near Patrick Station
Monday, March 13th, 1865

Mr. H. P. Rolfe
Well Herbert
I have got a few moments to spare and so will use them in writing to you. I received a letter from you yesterday bearing date of March 5th and was glad to heart that you were all well. I am enjoying pretty good health just now or should if it was not for the diarrhea that I have had for a few days back. There is not much going on here at the present. Only they hang or seat one or two deserters here every few days and every few days there is some great General with about a hundred understrappers consisting of Colonels, Majors and other officers and one day last week, Uncle Abe and Gen Grant paid us a visit. General Meade and wife rode by just now but enough of this. There is not any news circulating here at present with exception of what we get from the Rebs. There is a report here the General Sheridan has captured Early and the greater apart of his forces and that he has taken Lynchburg but we do not know whether it is so or not but we believe it to be so. Everyone or most everyone feel pretty confident that we are going to close this thing up within a few days or month at least. The Rebel Deserters represent that the soldiers on the other side a4re all discouraged and say that when we make an advance on them that the greater part of them will throw down their arms and give themselves up. How that is we do not know yet but we will try them on in a few days. There is one thing that we do know however. That is that their pretty well discouraged by the great numbers that desert. There was a squad of 46 come into our lines out in front of where our center section is stationed. But enough of this for the present. We are worked pretty hard just now but as I wrote to Lee yesterday about that I will not write anything about it to you. I have received all those letters you wrote about. I wrote to Eddie the fore part of last week. I wrote home the other telling mother that if she thought best she might send me a box of some things that I could keep here if she sends I want her to send in addition to the things I mentioned in that letter some envelopes too. The greater part of those I brought out got wet. A couple of needles to sew leather with and a little yarn to mend my stockings with. Milo wants his folks to put in with you. Tell Charlotte that I am going to write to Mr. Alden as soon as I get some stamps. Please give my best respects to them and all others. Write soon and accept this with the best respects of Your Brother, Eugene.

PS Let mother take care of these photographs. Your lottery is a great thing I should say. E. W. Rolfe

Contributed by Eugene L. Rolfe, Las Vegas, Nevada, great-grandson of Eugene William Rolfe.