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Vermont Artillery

Third Battery Light Artillery Vermont Volunteers

Civil War Diaries and Letters of
Eugene William Rolfe, Tunbridge

Sickles Hospital, Alexandria VA.
Saturday, May 13, 1865

H. P. Rolfe

Dear brother. I received your kind letter with that of fathers of the 1st. I --- on the 3rd whilst on the way from City Point to this place the night I received it we were camped near Hanover Court House and up to this time I have had no chance to write or mail a letter. I wrote to Mr. Alden the 1st of the month and told him that we were expecting to be ordered to this place so --- probably now ere this why I have not written before. You may wonder at the heading of this letter but it is soon explained. I was not well when we left City Point and the third day of the march, I was obliged to get into the ambulance and did not leave it till we arrived at Annandale, eight miles from here night before last. The day after I got into the Ambulance, I went to see surgeon Streike of the Arty Reserve and was most well. When yesterday manning the Captain told me to pack my things and prepare to go to the hospital. I told that I was well or nearly so and did not want to go but he said that ir was for my best and so I was brought to this place. It is a very good hospital but I think I shall get to my Battery the first of the week. /direct all my letters to the same place as Milo will take care of them and bring them to me if I do not get back. The Battery of the Reserve Arty are all encamped at Annandale but are expecting to be sent here within a few days. The whole Army of the Potomac are near us. I received my box the night before we started but as yet could not eat the things. I divided amongst the company the things were all spoilt except the dried apples, sugar and such things. A good share of the paper was spoilt. We had a splendid march, passing through Richmond -----. I wish the boys in the 9th had been camped where we passed. I saw the Libby Prison and other places of interest. We passed through Fredericksburg on our way. Father, in his letter, says that he does not understand why government is not more prompt in paying us every two months. I should think he would ---- under that it has been so ever since the war commenced. But I must close for this time but I am engaged in writing an account of our march and will send it in a few days. Please give my best respects to all. Write soon as accept this with the best respects of your brother. Eugene W. Rolfe, 3rd VT Battery, Washington D. C.

Contributed by Eugene L. Rolfe, Las Vegas, Nevada, great-grandson of Eugene William Rolfe.