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Vermont Artillery

Third Battery Light Artillery Vermont Volunteers

Civil War Diaries and Letters of
Eugene William Rolfe, Tunbridge

City Point, V. April 16, 1865
G. Rolfe, Esq.

Dear father. I received your kind letter of the 11th last night and was glad to hear that you were all well but was very sorry to hear that Carlos had met with such a sad accident. I wish that he has come out here before. You did not write what caused the discharge of the gun but I suppose it must have been caused by No 3 not doing his duty in serving the vent. You said that you did not know but that our Battery was with the 6th Corps now. We are not but we all wish we were for a soldier never enjoys himself as well as when he is at the front. They are very strict here someone is being punished all the time but when I enlisted I determined to obey all orders and I do not have a very hard time of it.

We have just heard of the death of President Lincoln. S-- Seward and ---- and never did I hear so much mourning for one man as is expressed for the late President but in the midst of this we got some good news but you will hear of then ere it reaches you. I have not received that box yet as they have not got bairly settled here yet. I hope I shall receive it before long as we expect to leave this place every day but I must close for now but if I have time will write again soon. The boys all send their best respects to Carl.

Please write soon. Eugene

Contributed by Eugene L. Rolfe, Las Vegas, Nevada, great-grandson of Eugene William Rolfe.