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Civil War Diaries and Letters of
Eugene William Rolfe, Tunbridge

U. S. Sanitary Commission - The wounded were flooding Washington and the hospitals were overwhelmed. More men died of disease then wounds. The U. S. Sanitary Commission was formed to erect more hospitals and improve conditions.

Lincoln Hospital, Washington, D. C. Dec. 1st, 1864

Dear Brother:

Having just received a letter from Father bearing date November the 28th and one from you and another from Father bearing date Nov the 29th father was right in thinking that I was to weak to write but I will try and write a few lines. Carlos started for Burlington. He has been transferred to that place. I was to weak to travel the Doctor said so I have got to wait. I would have liked to have gone with Carl. You may tell Carl Farnham that it is impossible for the Montpelier Hospital to be any worse than this stinking hole. If ever I get home I will just let you know how they serve us here. I wish Father had sent me two or three dollars for if I had that I could go to the sutters and get me some good fried doughnuts and potatoes as cheap as I could at home but never mind. I do not want you should write till you hear from me again. I am pretty sick but then I shall fetch out of it sometime. I wish you would write some news when you write. I want to hear from all how they are, sick, well, or dead. I tell Eddie that just as soon as I get able I will write a letter and fill every page and line. Give my best respects to Mr. And Mrs. Hayward. Tell Hen that I can go the Soldiers life and ? (at least the part I have seen so far) very well but a man might as well be dead or in a Hospital. Give all due respects to Masters G. King, E. W. Hutchins and W. F. McIntosh, Mrs. Ellen smith also my best respects to Abbie, Uncle Earls folks, Del and hen with the rest. Mr. Jerry Marston, Eddie and all of G. Rolfes folks. Tell Charlotte to be patient. Her turn will come next time I write Tell mother not to worry about me. If the thing is possible I will be at home where she can doctor me. I rather have her than all the shoulder ----- doctors Uncle Abe has got in his army though we have a very good little doctor now since that French fool went away. This one is from Vermont. Tell father that I do not know whether there is any ---- here for the doctor (Jerry) or not but I think there is no doubt but what he can get a good chance here in Washington somewhere. I wish we had him to doctor this ward but I must close for room is getting scarce and I am getting to be pretty tired. Write soon and accept this with the best respects of your brother. Eugene

H. P. Rolfe, Tunbridge

Contributed by Eugene L. Rolfe, Las Vegas, Nevada, great-grandson of Eugene William Rolfe.