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Vermont Artillery

Third Battery Light Artillery Vermont Volunteers

Civil War Diaries and Letters of
Eugene William Rolfe, Tunbridge

Sickles Hospital Alexandria VA
Monday, May 22nd, 1865

G. Rolfe
Dear Father, Having eat my supper and as I have wrote to Herbert, I will not answer your kind letters of the 7th and the 13th last, which were not received till yesterday. I was out to the Battery yesterday. The boys were all well, Milo with the rest. I wish you could be here tomorrow as there will be probably the last time the Armies of the Potomac and Georgia will pass in review. Indeed if you were here tonight to look out across the plain between this place and Washington and see the camps of Sherman's Army and Sheridan's Cavalry and the 9th Corps and then if I could get a pass from the surgeon in charge and you one from the Provost Marshall, we would go out past the pickets and go out to the artillery Reserve, stopping on the top of ht heights near Fairfax Seminary and look back from there, we can see the Potomac stretching away as far as the eye can reach. Alexandria with its mud, the Lery Bridge and most a splendid view of Washington the capitol looming up far above the rest and the many camps and forts around there. Then we would, if you wished, visit Fairfax Seminary and from there to the Battery and then, if you wished, we would proceed out to the top of the hill near the camp of the 2nd and 3rd Corps at Bailys Cross Roads. I think if you had the means you would never regret spending $100 in seeing what I have spoke of.

I have received that $2.50m the 5 letter stamps and the box as I think you should might know as in a letter written to some of the folks at that time, I said that I had received your letter of such a date and that all was right. I have received that paper sent the 7th and the scissors the last came in the right time as our clothes got somewhat ragged. I sent you on the 16th I think an account of the march the 13th. I wrote to Herbert. They must have reached you ere this as letters have come to Milo in two days. Please toll mother and Charlotte that I will answer their letters before long. Please give my best respects to Uncle Earls folks, Abbie Ellen and Mr. and Mrs. Alden's folks in particular. Please write soon and accept this with the best respects of your son.

Direct as before to Eugene W. Rolfe, 3rd VT Battery

Contributed by Eugene L. Rolfe, Las Vegas, Nevada, great-grandson of Eugene William Rolfe.