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Vermont Artillery

Third Battery Light Artillery Vermont Volunteers

Civil War Diaries and Letters of
Eugene William Rolfe, Tunbridge

Sloan Hospital, Montpelier, VT
Wednesday, May 31st, 1865

Dear Brother

As I have not written to you for some time, I thought I would do so once more. I received a letter from father and was glad to hear that you were all will but sorry to see that for some reason I am not understood. I wrote three of four letters home whilst I was at Alexandria and I told you that I was well when I went to the hospital and if I got enough to eat, I should be all right and in the last letters I informed you that I had all that I wanted to eat and that the food was of the best kind but father says that he would not be in a hurry for a discharge for the Govt. had ought to take care of me whilst I am under medical treatment. Please inform him that I shall take my discharge as soon as I can get it and that I have not taken a drop of medicine since I left the Battery and ask him what kind of policy it would be to wait till the farmers got to haying, then have to go with out doing anything this summer, not that I intend to hurt myself but if I could get home before long and get used to the living, I think I should do something. But ----- to this. The government has ordered them to muster the men out to the service immediately and they are expecting the officers here this week to muster us out. Father did not say whether he had got the things I sent up by Sanborn or not. I sent half a tent, a rubber and a woolen blanket and my haversack, cup to. I wrote a few lines on a large envelope and put inside the blanket. I sent a letter to father by ------ today and wanted 50 cents and some stamps. The money to have my hair cut and the stamps as I have none. If it is not sent before now, send it immediately. If you have a chance, send my hat up by Jake when he comes back. Keep some apples for me as I have not has a solitary one for nearly two months. I have something now I shall send home if I have a chance. Carl is getting along finely. We went way back up the hill today. We are to have a great time here tomorrow. Give my respects to Milo. Tell him to write. I have written twice to Mr. Alden's folks lately and have not heard from them. Give my best respects to them, Ab. Aunt Ann, Adelbert and the rest. Write soon and accept this with the best respects of your brother,

Eugene W. Rolfe, Sloan Hospital, Montpelier VT. Ward Eleven (11)

PS be sure and not forget the apples. Send the hat to, Eugene

Contributed by Eugene L. Rolfe, Las Vegas, Nevada, great-grandson of Eugene William Rolfe.