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Vermont Artillery

Third Battery Light Artillery
Civil War Diary
Eugene W. Rolfe, Tunbridge,
3rd Vt. Light Artillery Battery

May 1 [1865]

Weather. Letter. I have got a very bad diarrhea today. I am on guard tonight. We received orders today to turn in our ammunition chests as --- expected that we should be ordered to Alexandria. I am on the 2nd relief.

May 2nd [1865]

Weather. I have got a very bad diarrhea. We received orders to pack up and be ready to start tomorrow morning at 4. I came off guard at 4. I received a box tonight but I had to give most of it away. There was a letter from charlotte, pain killer, dried apples, etc etc.

May 3 [1865]

Weather. We started at 7 this morning. We arrived the Appomattox at Broadway landing. The --- at ---- we passed up by the Dutch Gap Canal. Out to ---- and then we stopped at 4PM. After dress parade I went up to the rebel works. They were very strong. Torpedoes were thick in one place. There were two ten inch columniads. I am pretty well used up tonight.

May 4 [1865]

We started at 6 this morning and passing through Richmond and Mechanicsburg. We went out about 3 miles from the latter place and camped. I am used up. Weather.

May 5 [1865]

Weather. We started at 6 and going back towards mechs we passed out by Hanover city about 3 miles and camped. I was so hard up that I got into the Ambulance today and tonight I went to Walden and he gave me some pills. He says that I have got the jaundice. The pills kept me on a trot through the night. I let Walden have my -----. Letter.

May 6 [1865]

Weather. We started at 4 and went our by Wilford Station to bowling green. We did not very on account of the pontoons not coming up so we could cross the river. I am not any better today.

May 7 [1865]

Weather. We started early this morning and went to Bowling green and camped. We have a real pretty camp here. I am feeling better tonight. Walden made me some toast and tea tonight. Tea tastes better for having milk in it I find.

May 8 [1865]

Weather. I am not been very well today. We crossed the matta---. Went out by the battle ground and within one and a half miles of Fredericksburg turned back. Went back 4 miles and camped for the night. In the night the pm train passed by us. It is a little rainy and I have got an awful toothache.

May 9 [1865]

Weather. I did not sleep any on account of my tooth last night. We passed through Fredericksburg this morning and then over across the heights to Stafford court house a little place with three dwellings a court house and a jail. Just before we got there the ambulance spring broke and I got in with Uncle lee French. We went through some of the muddiest holes I ever saw and camped just across ayisa creek. I went over to doctor drakes and had a tooth drained. He gave me some quinine pills and told me to stay in the ambulance.

May 10 [1865]

Weather. We started early this morning and passed through Dumfres (?) and camped about 4 miles from that place. I had quite a chill this afternoon. The doctor gve me some quinine pills and quinine and apple jack.

May 11 [1865]

Weather. We started at 5 am and passed across wolf run shoals through farbers station and Ferris fax court house and camped at Annandale about 9 miles from Alexandria. I went over to the shoguns tonight. We had a very hard thundershower tonight. I slept in the ambulance as I have for three nights.

May 12 [1865]

Weather. As Swan and I were going to put up a tent, the Capt ordered me to pack my knapsack and be ready to go to the hospital. We went past Clough Hills out king street by the Marshall Housse up fenifer street to the mansion house but there was no hospital so we went to the Sickles hospital. Food. Cook et al came with me. Our de enlistive lists were forwarded with us I have drawn $54.33 worth of clothing. The surgeon came to see me tonight. This is ward s

May 13. [1865]

Weather. Food. Letters. The box in which my knapsack is 341.

May 14 [1865]

Weather food. Letter. But I learnt tonight that the company is only one and a half miles from here.

May 15 [1865]

Weather. I got a pass and went out to my company this morning. They are lyying about one and a half miles form here nearly opposite Fairfax seminary. The drivers were down to the wharf after the chests. I stayed till after dinner and had some food.

May 16 [1865]

Weather. Food. This noon I was examined for my discharge. Food. The 1st and 2nd division of Sheridan's cavalry were encamped near here. Letters.

May 17 [1865]

Weather. Food.

May 18 [1865]

Weather. Food. Last night after twelve till morning, I dreamt I was in Kings Store with the boys around me shaking hands with me. On Sunday, I have just got home. I would like to have it prove true.

May 19. [1865]

Weather. Food. There are 86 men going to their states on a transfer tomorrow morning. Samual H Gretch, branden VT. Letters.

May 20 [1865]

Weather , food. I copied off three songs today. To wit. The sword of Bunker Hill, Home Again, and do they Miss me at home. Simon Griffith dies at eight o'clock today. There was 3 men discharged today and 86 transferred.

May 21 [1865]

Weather. There was an inspection today and after that I went out to the battery and got eight letters… names… food.

May 22 [1865]

Weather. There were 13 discharged today. Food Letters. There came an order today to transfer all VT and NH men whose papers wer not here. The 9th Corps passed through the city today.

May 23 [1865]

Weather. There has a good many come over to the review. Food. There was a lot of sick men from Shermans army come in today. I have got a slight diarrhea.

May 24 [1865]

Weather. Food. Milo came at ten am but he brought me no letters. He went into dinner with me. Food. Milo stayed till about one and then went down town. Letters sent to Williamstown.

May 25th [1865]

Weather. There was eight went away on a discharge this morning I I wa up to headquarters tonight and found out that as they had not had the muster rolls that they had not sent in discharges for all that need de enlistive lists. None. I do not know whether I am one of the lucky ones or not. I got a German Testament tonight.

May 26 [1865]

Weather. Food. John Barnes of Dedham Maine started for home on a transfer this morning. I was ordered at ten to get ready to be transferred to home out. I did so and at 3 pm I got into an ambulance in company with two others. Went down to Bentley and fromt there to --- when we got there we found a Bat. We got into a hospital car and started. Crossed the river at Harve de grace and arrived in Philadelphia at midnight. Food.

May 27 [1865]

Weather. We got into --- city at 6 this morning, took a ferry boat and crossed over to the battery on to castle garden barracks. Food. After dinner we got into a. and went up to the NH wharf. We got aboard Steamer continental and went to NH. Jumped off --------and went to Springfield house. Then to the soldiers rest. And into bed at midnight and to sleep. We passed -----

May 28 [1865]

Weather. Had a good nights rest and a good breakfast of buttered bread and coffee. After breakfast, ---- a --- town --- over to the arsenal army ---- I laid down and read a while and then went to sleep. Waked up at 3 pm and food. I went out into the town. There was a good many citizens in to see us tonight.

May 29 [1865]

We started this morning at 8. Went up to North Hampton. There a plug got out and filled its fire box with water. We waited for a engine from spfld. We changed cars at Brattleboro and at the canteen when I got to South Royalton I see Ed Fasten. Sold both blankets, haversack and a Johnny tent up by Sanborn to gather kept a good watch but see we are at Northfield. got to Hos at 5 pm went into ward with Carl. Food. Have to look out for NO 1 here -----

May 30 [1865]

Weather food. Letter.

May 31 [1865]

Weather Food. Carl and I went off about 2 miles into the woods and stay off all the afternoon. Letters.

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Contributed by Eugene L. Rolfe, Las Vegas, Nevada, great-grandson of Eugene William Rolfe.