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Vermont Artillery

Third Battery Light Artillery
Civil War Diary
Eugene W. Rolfe, Tunbridge,
3rd Vt. Light Artillery Battery

June 1 [1865] [1865]

Weather. Food. After breakfast, Carl and I went downtown. Stayed till half past two. Then went down to Northfield went to Warrens. Found Lib bothering the young ones. Told her she had better stop ……went into the house. Found --- there. In the evening the --- Wellingtons were in. we had a good time.

June 2 [1865]

Weather. We left Northfield on the --- train and got into the hospital all right but Carl has been very sleepy all day. Food. There has been any quantity of visitors here today. Some so good looking that I would not object my self. Letters.

June 3 [1865]

Weather. Food. I went downtown this afternoon we went up into the state house Price the Bugle Call. 40 from gramp (?) so Richmond is ours. Letters.

June 4 [1865]

Weather. I sat up the better part of last night. The was a man by the name of McCloud drunk. I had some trouble with him. Food. There was an ----- today.

June 5 [1865]

Weather food. After dinner, Carl and I went up into the woods and layed down in the shade. We did not stay for long. The rest of the time I spent in reading. Letter.

June 6 [1865]

Weather. Food. Carl went up with n---. food. Martin and I went down to the junction after supper. We had a good time saw any quantity of fancys.

June 7 [1865]

Weather. Food. Carl went home on a weeks pass today. I have been reading and washing out clothes today. Letters.

June 8 [1865]

Weather. Letters, food. Martin and I went down town and --- around Clay hall. This evening the pretty came to Burlington tonight.

June 9 [1865]

Weather. food. Sir--- Chandler gave me a pass till Monday today. I started for the boys met about 125 of them and turned reundan. Went home john, gene carried up my things and hesepriah carried me. I saw carl, kete and chas smith to night everything lookas as natural as life others came over.

June 10 [1865]


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Contributed by Eugene L. Rolfe, Las Vegas, Nevada, great-grandson of Eugene William Rolfe.