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Confederate Vermonters

Green Mountain Boys Who "Went South"

The majority of Vermonters who "went south" moved to a Southern State before the war, some more than twenty years before. One was visiting relatives in Missouri when the war broke out, and apparently joined a local unit without really understanding the political implications. There were at least seven who had joined Vermont units and were taken prisoner, or deserted, and either joined Confederate units or took an oath of allegiance to the Confederacy, and fifteen Vermonters, unnamed, were seen in a Chicago prison camp.

Another Fifteen Confederates

Major Edward Hastings Ripley, 9th Vermont, while the regiment was on parole at Camp Douglass, near Chicago, noted in a letter to his mother in early 1863, that there were 15 Vermonters among the Confederate prisoners they were guarding.

Source: Ripley, Edward Hastings. Vermont general: the unusual war experiences of Edward Hastings Ripley, 1862-1865. Edited by Otto Eisenschiml. New York, Devin-Adair, 1960., page 73.