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Vermonters who served in Illinois units

As of 1 January 2022, we have found 1,521 Vermonters who served in Illinois regiments during the Civil War. Select a letter corresponding to the first letter of the surname.

Gage, Luther Sylvester
Gale, Cyrenes Isaac
Gale, Henry Wallace
Gardner, John S.
Garner, James Charles
Garner, John
Gassett, Norman Theodore
Gates, Fordyce Alanson
Gates, Frederick S.
Gee, Charles A.
George, Charles M.
George, Jacob Gilman
Gibbs, Leonard S.
Gibbs, Moses T.
Gibbs, Royal Leroy
Gibson, Henry T.
Giddings, Edward
Giddings, Josiah
Gilbert, Franklin
Gilchrist, Ezra K.
Gilkerson, William
Gilman, Amos H.
Gilman, Edwin M.
Gilson, Daniel H.
Gilson, James M.
Gleason, Gilman R.
Gleason, Solon F.
Glines, Samuel
Goddard, Levi W.
Goddard, Samuel Newell
Goddard, Warren Caleb
Goff, Adoniram Judson
Goodale, James
Goodspeed, Charles Josiah
Goodwin, Azro E.
Goodwin, Marvin G.
Goodwin, Seymour
Goodwin, Wilber F.
Gordon, Thomas H.
Gorham, Alonzo
Gorham, Charles W.
Gorham, Charles Walker
Gorham, Irwin Leroy
Goss, Reuben Curtis
Graves, Carroll R
Graves, Eleazer
Graves, Jesse Thomas
Graves, Nelson C.
Graves, Noble Wheeler
Graves, Robert Blynn
Graves, Wesley R.
Gray, William Cushman
Green, Edwin A.
Green, Harvey Curtis
Green, Henry Johnson
Green, Hiland Edgar
Green, James P.
Green, Joel D.
Green, Jonathan W.
Greenwood, William Henry
Gregg, David R.
Gregg, Reuben
Griffin, Calvin Willard
Griffin, George W.
Griffin, Theodore
Griffin, William H.
Griffis, Syrenus
Griffith, Horace Farnham
Griswold, Charles M.
Griswold, George Willard
Grout, Henry P.
Grow, Charles
Guild, Phineas Kellogg
Gunn, Cyrus
Guptail, Frederick
Guptill, Ira