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Vermonters who served in Illinois units

As of 1 January 2022, we have found 1,521 Vermonters who served in Illinois regiments during the Civil War. Select a letter corresponding to the first letter of the surname.

Packard, Anson
Packard, Nathan H.
Packard, Thadeus B.
Paddleford, Simeon W.
Page, Aaron Barnes
Page, George W.
Page, Henry W.
Page, Norman B.
Palmer, Andrew J.
Palmer, David George
Palmer, Dennis
Palmer, Gideon Kinney
Palmer, James
Palmer, Thomas Kinney
Paris, Edwin R.
Parker, Crawford
Parker, George W.
Parker, Justin N.
Parker, Thomas Packard
Parker, William W.
Parkhurst, Byron Waterbury
Parkhurst, Irving Wright
Parkhurst, William B.
Parsons, Austin Eldad
Partch, Ambrose E.
Partch, George S.
Partch, Orville H.
Partlow, Calvin M.
Partridge, Charles A.
Partridge, Franklin
Partridge, Frederick William
Pattee, Truman
Patterson, Amos Wilson
Patterson, William A.
Paul, John W.
Paul, Stephen C.
Peabody, James Gilchrist
Pearse, Henry Newton
Pearson, Edward F. H.
Pearsons, Henry Alonzo
Pease, Edward Warren
Pease, Ira Austin
Pease, Orlando A.
Pease, Stephen Nelson
Peck, George W.
Peck, Warren W.
Peek, Henry Clay
Pelton, Oscar Alonzo
Percival, Edgar A.
Perkins, Daniel P.
Perkins, Edwin G.
Perkins, John
Perkins, Lorenzo C.
Perkins, Nathanel B.
Perry, Alden
Perry, George H.
Perry, Jerome B.
Perry, Martin T.
Peters, Henry N.
Peterson, Elias E.
Peterson, Hannibal
Peterson, Perry W.
Pettee, John W.
Pettingill, Carmel W.
Pettingill, Eugene
Pettingill, George S.
Pettingill, Lemuel Ripley
Phelps, Henry H.
Phelps, Martin
Phillips, Edgar Willard
Phillips, George Nelson
Phillips, James E.
Phillips, James W.
Phillips, Lee
Pierce, Ransom T.
Pierce, Washington Fayette
Pinney, Lucius M.
Pinney, Sidney A.
Piper, Henry Jairus
Pitcher, Lyman B
Platt, Alender B.
Pollard, Elliott E.
Pollard, Reuben B.
Pomeroy, Edwin B.
Pond, Durling Brayton
Porter, Ervin Alonzo
Porter, Hazen H.
Porter, Samuel Dana
Potter, Henry M.
Powers, Nelson Preston
Powers, Norman H.
Pratt, Charles L.
Pratt, George A.
Pratt, Jason
Pratt, John Sylvester
Pratt, Julius C.
Pratt, Lyman H.
Pratt, Norman Orlando
Pratt, Ralph G.
Preston, Marcellus Ezra
Preston, Oscar F.
Preston, Simon Manley
Price, Arthur E.
Price, Charles I.
Price, Edward Root
Price, Jonas Webster
Price, Samuel H.
Prindell, Hiram M.
Prindle, Charles B.
Proctor, Willard
Proud, Samuel F.
Prouty, Amos
Prouty, George E.
Purdy, Henry J.
Putnam, Henry B.
Putnam, Holden
Putnam, Hosea B.
Putnam, Kittredge H.
Putnam, Ransom