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Medal of Honor

Vermonters from other states' units who were awared the Medal of Honor.

Medal of Honor

BATES, Norman Francis (1839-1915), 4th Iowa Cavalry

CHURCHILL, Samuel Joseph (1842-1932), 2nd Illinois Light Artillery

COUGHLIN, John (1837-1912), 10th New Hampshire Infantry

DAVIDSON, Andrew (1819-1901), 47th Ohio Infantry

EDDY, Samuel E. (1822-1909), 37th Massachusetts Infantry

EVANS, Ira Hobart (1844-1922), 116th U.S. Colored Troops

FERRIS, Eugene W. (1841-1907), 30th Massachusetts Infantry

JOHNDRO, Franklin (1835-1901), 118th New York Infantry

MATTOCKS, Charles Porter (1840-1910), 17th Maine Infantry

NICHOLS, Henry Clay (1832-1904), 73rd U.S. Colored Troops

PHELPS, Charles E. (1833-1908), 7th Maryland Infantry

SHERMAN, Marshall (1823-1896), 1st Minnesota Infantry

THOMPSON, Charles Augustus (1843-1900) 17th Michigan Infantry

TILTON, William (1834-1910), 7th New Hampshire Infantry