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Unit Basics

Each unit has a basic set of material common to all or most members of the unit, or the unit as a whole.

  • "Battles" is a list of battles this unit engaged in.
  • "Benedict" will include an extract from Vermont historian George Grenville Benedict's 'Vermont in the Civil War,' which provides a fairly detailed account of the history of this unit.
  • "Bibliography" is a listing of known books, manuscripts, diaries, journals, letters, etc., and their location. (Will soon be tailored to this unit).
  • "Burials" is a listing of known final resting places. Many casualties, especially during the 1863-1864 campaigns, are probably buried in mass or unmarked graves, and their final resting place will never be known. There are also, in Vermont, many cenotaphs, or empty graves; some of these are not marked as such, but are a fitting memorial to the fallen solider nevertheless. (Will soon be tailored to this unit)
  • "Descendants" is a listing of registered descendants; this listing allows folks to share information on their ancestor with other descendants of the unit.
  • "Dyer" is an extract from Frederick Dyer's Compendium of the War of the Rebellion.
  • "History" is a short history from the 1892 Revised Roster. Benedict, above, will be much more detailed, but this will suffice as an introduction.
  • "Links" are connections to related sites on the Internet.
  • "Medal of Honor" will list information on those men who served in this unit.
  • "Photographs" is listing of known photographs of soldiers of this unit, and where they are located.
  • "Rosters" is the service information from the 1892 Revised Roster, plus additional information as known.
  • "Resources" is a list of material on this site.
  • "Links" is a list of material related to the unit off-site.
  • "Timeline" is a timeline for the unit, with most entries linking to additional material on the site.