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Vermont Historical Society Photographs

Tintype Portraits (FB-27)

VHS's Civil War tintype holdings cover a variety of units.

Adams, Elliott (16th VT INF)

Beattie, Alexander M. (3rd VT INF)

Benjamin, Samuel Webster (13th VT INF)

Brown, Thomas H. (1st USSS)

Cole, Orra C. (10th VT INF, 1st US ARTY)

Fish, John Marshall (2nd VT INF)

Goodwin, Horace (11th VT INF)

Gunnison, Daniel (12th VT INF)

Harris, Daniel R. (15th MA INF)

Harris, Isaac Jr. (15th VT INF)

Hathaway, William H. (13th VT INF)

Hayes, Edwin (5th VT INF)

Nichols, William Henry (2nd IA INF, 3rd IA INF)

Nickerson, Nathaniel B. (1st VT CAV)

Peach, George (3rd VT INF)

Scott, William (3rd VT INF)

Secor, William H. (2nd VT INF)

Smith, Emery L. (6th VT INF)

Stoddard, James Franklin (7th VT INF)

Wright, Prentiss C. (13th VT INF)

Who Am I?

Soldier is identified as Foster Bixby, but he does not appear in Vermont rosters.

Heidi McColgan scanned all the photographs from this album and researched Harriet Grogan.