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My darling Winnie passed away May 9, 2006 after a long struggle with breast cancer. The last several years of her life were brightened by the many friends she made on-line and in person, mostly because of the Dear Jane project. Since most of you live too far away to be able to attend her memorial service, I thought I would share some of the photographs of her we are going to use during the service.

Tom Ledoux


coffeeHi, I'm glad you stopped by to visit. I've been saying I'm going to create a website for years and finally it's happening. I have lots of interests but my main ones are handwork and the Civil War. I hope to have something on this website that will interest all of you and maybe give you some insight as to who I am. So with that said, come on in, pour yourself a cup of coffee, prop your feet up and stay for a while. Enjoy!!


civil warMy husband, Tom (Visit his website), and I live in Maryland pretty much within a couple hours drive of lots of history, Civil War history. When Tom was studying for his undergraduate degree he took a Humanities class that took us on field trips to battlefields in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. The photo on the left shows just a few of the gravesites of the thousands upon thousands who lost their lives in this horrendous war fought over one hundred years ago.

After learning about the Jane Stickle quilt and Brenda Papadakis I joined the Dear Jane email list in 1997 and in 1998 decided to add some history to our chats. So began the Civil War Tidbits. They were indeed tidbits at first, maybe a paragraph or two but as time went on I felt like I was writing books. I've added all the tidbits I've done to date, some of which were not sent to the main list. For a time I had a separate mailing list to which some of you belonged. So some of you may have read all of them, some may have read some of them and then I'm sure there are those who haven't read any. I hope you enjoy reading or rereading them. I will be adding more in the future and in so doing will not be sending them to the DJ list. If you have any suggestions or requests for a particular subject please let me know and I will try to accommodate.


label on basket reproduction quiltI've been doing some kind of handwork since I was a little girl and feel at a loss when I don't have anything to work on. I didn't start quilting until about 10 years ago and read about the Jane Stickle quilt in Brenda Papadakis' book Dear Jane. (Visit her website). Jane Stickle lived in Vermont during the Civil War and completed THE quilt in 1863. If you're ever in Bennington, VT visit the Bennington Museum and see the quilt on display.

I've included photos of some of my quilt and knitting projects. I've gone from following a pattern word for word to designing my own sock patterns. I hope you find something you like.

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