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My husband, Tom, and I live in Maryland pretty much within a couple hours drive of lots of history, Civil War history. When Tom was studying for his undergraduate degree he took a Humanities class that took us on field trips to battlefields in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. I joined the DJ list in 1997 and in 1998 decided to add some history to our chats. So began the Civil War Tidbits. They were indeed tidbits at first, maybe a paragraph or two but as time went on I felt like I was writing books. I've added all the tidbits I've done to date, some of which were not sent to the main list. For a time I had a separate mailing list to which some of you belonged. So some of you may have read all of them, some may have read some of them and then I'm sure there are those who haven't read any. I hope you enjoy reading or rereading them. I will be adding more in the future and in so doing will not be sending them to the DJ list. If you have any suggestions or requests for a particular subject please let me know and I will try to accommodate.

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